Moero Chronicle Hyper Launches Uncut On Nintendo Switch For $29.99 This Spring
Moero Chronicle Hyper

It was previously announced by Idea Factory International that Moero Chronicle H, or Moero Chronicle Hyper, would be arriving uncensored on the Nintendo Switch, but we didn’t have a lot of details on when and for how much. Well, Idea Factory International broke all the mystery surrounding the game, announcing that you can look to purchase Moero Chronicle Hyper from the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 starting this spring.

The eShop-only digital release of the game will be rated ‘M’ for Mature, and it will only feature the original Japanese voiceovers with English subtitles. Sorry, no English dubbing this time (actually, I’m not sorry… subs over dubs all day long, baby). According to the Idea Factory International tweet the game will also launch with a 30% off discount, so for those who purchase early and purchase fast you’ll get the game for even cheaper yet.

The single-player, dungeon-crawling RPG originally made its way onto the market way back in 2014 as a PS Vita title from Compile Heart and Sony. However, over time, Sony decided to abandon the weeb market and begin implementing their censorship policies, so fan-service heavy games have been heavily impacted in a negative way by Sony’s corporate meddling.

Nevertheless, Compile Heart and Idea Factory International did not give up on the otaku and the weebs, and decided to release the sexy-time game on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is themed around a young lad who can’t talk to girls due to being too perverted. He can talk to monster girls, though, and has no problems conversing with his monster girl sidekick. However, things turn sour for the world (but delightful for the hero) as monster girls end up going mad and causing a lot of destruction, which sees the hero journeying to Monstopia to put an end to chaotic monster girls by defeating them in combat and blasting of their clothes in the process.

The actual game is a turn-based, first-person, JRPG. If you enjoy Live 2D jiggle animations and a game full of moe-themed waifus, then Moero Chronicle Hyper will have you covered. The Switch version in particular features HD remastered visuals, along with HD Rumble support for the “Bump and Scratch” interactivity mode, which likely would have been removed had the game launched on the PS4.

You can look for the game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this spring, since it’s obviously just too moe for Sony and the PlayStation 4 these days. For more info feel free to visit the official Moe Chronicle Hyper website.

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