Monster Mashing Deluxe, Adult Infinite Runner Arrives On Nutaku With Valentine’s Day Deal
Monster Mashing Deluxe

Nutaku announced that the latest game to arrive on the platform is the infinite runner, Monster Mashing Deluxe. The game is a digital vertical scroller where the objective is to race through the dungeon as fast as possible. Developer Demins made it where the hornier you get the faster you run, and by encountering the girls you have to engage in a rapid button mashing mini-game to defeat them to gain speed, which results in a quick sequence where you see the monster girl defeated and in a state of undress.

The game isn’t really R18+ material but basically falls closer on the side of at the top end of the ecchi spectrum. There are lots of shredded clothes and teases of seeing naughty bits. A few of the portraits also give you a look at the monster girls’ boobs and pubic regions but nothing that was featured in the promo art seems to indicate that it’s as hardcore as some other games on the platform.

The game was originally released on NewGrounds as an ecchi infinite runner, but the Nutaku version was ramped up to include more lewd content and additional variants of the girls, including the fully nude versions and rare shiny versions. There are seven girls in total to encounter, five different dungeon palettes to run, and no DRM to boot.

You can get your hands on the game right now by visiting the Nutaku store page.

But wait, there’s more!

The adult digital distribution outlet is also running a Valentine’s Day deal that has special offers on a variety of games, including discounts, special campaigns, and all new content for games such as Fap CEO and Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena.

You can check out all of the deals that will be running between February 12th and February 22nd over on the Nutaku promotional page.


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