New York Times’ Racist Writer Sarah Jeong Will Discuss #GamerGate At Yale On February 7th
Sarah Jeong GamerGate

Sarah Jeong made headlines when she was hired by the New York Times even after she had a litany of public tweets denigrating straight white men, and stood by those tweets, as reported by The Daily Wire and BBC News.

The New York Times writer will be tackling the topic of #GamerGate at Yale on February 7th, 2019 at 2:30pm. The news was broadcast over on the Yale website, where it details what the discussion will be about: #GamerGate and the New Paradigm of Media.

The rest of the page is a short bio of Jeong’s “achievements”, which is basically a resume that reads of a who’s who of anti-#GamerGate outlets…

“Sarah Jeong is a journalist and lawyer. She is currently a writer for the New York Times Editorial Board. She is the author of The Internet of Garbage, and has bylines at the Verge, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, New York Times Magazine, Motherboard, Forbes, the Guardian, and more. In 2017, she was named as one of Forbes’s 30 under 30 in the category of Media.”

Yes, nearly all of those outlets were targets of #GamerGate for unethical journalism.

The Washington Post published fake news about #GamerGate.

The New York Times published fake news about #GamerGate.

The Guardian published fake news about #GamerGate.

The Verge also violated plenty of ethical standards, but at least they overhauled their ethics policies after being targeted by #GamerGate.

Now even though Sarah Jeong nor the Yale page details how Jeong will approach #GamerGate, based on her previous misreporting of the subject matter for The Washington Post in a piece published on December 14th, 2016, titled “If we took ‘Gamergate’ harassment seriously, ‘Pizzagate’ might never have happened”, it’s quite obvious what direction Jeong will take when broaching the subject matter.

In the piece Jeong makes grossly inaccurate claims based on… nothing.

“Gamergate started with a man lashing out at his game developer ex-girlfriend through a blog post crafted to incite the Internet against her. The maelstrom of subsequent accusations and threats sent Zoe Quinn into hiding. The furor soon sucked in anyone associated with her and those who sought to defend her. Targets were barraged with hatred via email and social media. Their employers were pressured to fire them. Sometimes their home addresses were publicly disseminated. Harassers made fake 911 calls to dispatch SWAT teams to their targets’ houses.”

Citations needed (also Zoe Quinn didn’t go into hiding, she went on vacation in Europe.)

Sometimes she makes citations for some claims, but fails to draw a single shred of evidence for the more outrageous allegations, such as #GamerGate being a harassment campaign, which there has never been any evidence of. In fact, the investigation was dismissed by the FBI in their report due to a lack of evidence. The feminist group Women Action Media!, also came to a similar conclusion in a peer reviewed report due once again to a lack of evidence to support the claim that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign.

But then again, Jeong had no qualms about defending someone who has had pedophilia claims circling around them for more than a decade like hyenas circling a rotting corpse in the middle of the desert, writing in the Washington Post piece…

“One anonymous poster attracted enough ire from Gamergate that she was outed as a woman named Sarah Nyberg and smeared as a pedophile. Nyberg’s loved ones received threats, her sites were hacked and her employment has been repeatedly targeted.”

There have also been multiple pieces published showcasing all sorts of evidence directly from Nyberg admitting to engaging in pedophilia, as recounted in a Medium piece and on Breitbart.

And for anyone who has followed #GamerGate knows that many of the anti-#GamerGate people have been outed as pedophiles, harassers, terrorists, and rapists.

What’s amazing is that Jeong managed to concoct a boogeyman out of #GamerGate with no evidence to back up the claims, but everyone on her side of the fence is everything that she accused #GamerGate of.

I imagine no one at the Yale auditorium will challenge Jeong during the speech, because any claims of #GamerGate being a harassment campaign can easily be shot down by asking one simple question: “Where’s the evidence that it was a harassment campaign?”

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