Onechanbara Origin Dev Says PS4 Censorship Regulations Shouldn’t Limit Them Too Much
Onechanbara Origin

D3 Publisher is currently working on Onechanbara Origin for the PS4. A lot of gamers were baffled at this decision given Sony’s recent PS4 censorship policies that have either barred some games from release or forced developers to censor content on the PS4. Well, producer Nobuyuki Okajima, who is working on Onechanbara Origin, recently explained that what they have planned for the game shouldn’t be impeded by Sony’s censorship regulations.

Twinfinite published a snippet of the interview with Nobuyuki on February 20th, 2019, who explained that first and foremost the company caters to the Japanese market and then examines if an overseas release is viable based on feedback, saying…

“You might be looking at it from a different point of view as we are. At times we create a game exclusively for the Japanese market since it’s acceptable and there is a lot of demand for that here.


“However, we hear voices encouraging us to release it in the west, which always makes us wonder if that’s ok, and whether it will be accepted by different cultures in different countries, some times even by the government.


“We’re extra careful with the titles created specifically to be released in the west, and these are most likely fine. We understand why some displays or visuals aren’t acceptable in those countries.”

What Nobuyuki is referring to is how agitators from media outlets create outrage culture over games featuring sexy women.

Feminists or Social Justice Warriors typically kick up a storm on social media castigating developers (mostly Japanese) who add risque outfits or raunchy content to their games. For instance, SoulCalibur VI‘s females were slut-shamed by the media, while games like Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (which didn’t even release in the West) were called “sexual assault simulators”.

D3 Publisher in particular experienced the West’s puritan purge on sexy imagery when Sony blocked Omega Labyrinth Z from releasing on the PS4, along with other games like Super Seducer after feminists complained about the title being “sexist”.

However, Nobuyuki believes that they’ve found a way around the censorship regulations, and he states that he doesn’t believe things will “get worse”, saying that they will keep making what they have been making…

“I don’t think it’s going to get worse. In the past, we certainly had issues with first parties, but moving forward, I don’t think this kind of regulations is going to limit us that much. I think we can keep making what we have been making.


“There is always a grey zone, even for the Japanese market. At times first parties say specifically “you can’t do that” in their guidelines. It’s very clear, and we’re not going to do it.


“There have been times when we tried to get around it, and we entered that grey zone. That’s when occasionally we had issues. Yet, moving forward, I believe we have a pretty clear idea of what is allowed and what is not.”

Some gamers fear that these concessions from certain developers means that we won’t be seeing as much risque content or fan-service from certain games as developers attempt to comply with Sony’s regulations and the seemingly increasing standards being passed down by some platform holders, including Google and Apple, both of whom have also begun cracking down on benign imagery such as cleavage.

To make matters worse is that the censorship oftentimes applies to games that are already rated ‘M’ for Mature or aimed at the 17+ audience, so it seems redundant to enforce regulations on games already targeted older gamers. Nevertheless there are also some people defending the censorship and claiming that they don’t mind more enforced regulation on art.

Onechanbara Origin is due out for PS4. We still have to wait for more details on an exact release date.

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