Overwatch Adds Another ‘Diverse’ Character To The Roster, Baptiste
Overwatch Baptiste

Blizzard Entertainment introduced another diverse character to the line-up. Unsurprisingly it was not going to be a straight white male because, well, when was the last time Blizzard added that sort of character to the game? Heck, the last normal straight-bait character on the roster got turned gay, so it’s pretty obvious where Blizzard’s priorities are focused.

Anyway, the newest character joining the ever-growing line-up of villains and heroes on the Overwatch roster is an African war-monger turned healer, and hero.

Baptiste was an orphan who ended up joining the bad guys to steal, plunder and kill. Eventually he had an epiphany and changed from his ways, attacking the villains and healing the poor and the weak. His origin story was revealed, which you can check out below.

While he might look like a standard medic/shooter, there’s likely some other quirk to his character to further Blizzard’s diversity agenda. A straight black man seems easy pickings, which is over on Gematsu there are already comments placing bets on when Baptiste will be revealed gay.

A gay black man definitely would give Blizzard a lot of virtue signal points among the Social Justice Warriors, but it would further disenfranchise the rest of the community. Also, it’s obvious that Baptiste isn’t trans given that they showed him as a little boy (my bets are still on Lucio being the trans character). And he’s obviously not disabled – he appears to have all of his limbs, and all of his senses, so Blizzard isn’t trying to court the disabled community with their newest addition.

So yeah, a lot of people are definitely hedging bets on Baptiste being gay, as it would fit in line with Blizzard’s current creation culture for characters and content.

But knowing Blizzard, they probably won’t reveal his coming out until the stock prices plummet again or there’s another e-sports scandal.

Until then, you can look forward to Baptiste joining the Overwatch cast “soon”.

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