Patrick Söderlund’s Embark Studios Provides Update On First Game Idea

You do know who Patrick Söderlund is, right? If not, he used to be Electronic Arts CFO and departed from the company back in the mid-part of 2018 after his controversial Battlefield V remarks. Well, the former EA CFO is now the CEO of a new studio dubbed “Embark Studios,” and him and the crew have shared an update on the studio’s first idea for a game and then some.

According to a post on Söderlund explains that over 50 people have been hired at Embark Studios and moved into the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town, and are currently building what looks to be the studio’s first game.

In addition to this new game by Embark Studios, in the first few weeks, six members of the team put their heads together and worked out setting up the basics. After that, the team got around to settling on an idea for their first “proper game” that’s now in a prototype phase.

Embark Studios first game is said to be a “cooperative free-to-play action game” that is set in the “distant future, about overcoming seemingly impossible odds by working together.”

However, it’s worth noting that aspects of this early idea are prone to change later down the line, but you can view concept art right here:

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This new game is being developed using the Unreal Engine with proprietary tweaks using Embark Studios’ own “technology.” In three weeks three of the devs cooked up the following terrain test video that reveals what the engine can pull off in a 256 square kilometer field — sporting dynamic weather and lighting.

But most importantly, will Embark Studios’ CEO talk down to gamers and fans like he did in the mid-part of 2018? Will we see yet another game in Early Access that delivers nothing new? Will politics be front-and-center instead of an actually good game? And lastly, will Embark Studios pull a Fallout 76 and release a broken game that only makes headlines for all the wrong reasons? Time will tell.


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