Phantom Doctrine Update Adds Customized User-Created Content Support
Phantom Doctrine

Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games announced that the latest update for the Cold War espionage thriller, Phantom Doctrine, brings with it the ability to create custom content for the game.

The player-creation toolkit allows players to create customized content for the turn-based strategy game, which includes modifying the the parameter sheets, the images, the text files, and even creating all new stories for the game. The modding capabilities are still kind of limited, but hopefully it’s a sign of bigger and better things to come.

For now it’s possible to create your own little side-stories and expand the lore and characters in the game, beyond what the developers have already provided.

The update also accompanies a number of other fixes and updates, including improved support for ultrawide resolution. The changes were outlined in a Steam community post, where it also noted that they added new variants to the Investigation Board snippets, improved the available names and surnames for the agents, along with a few fixes for how agents interact with the environment while carrying bodies, and tweaking some of the visual effects for the weapon muzzle flashes and explosions.

The team at CreativeForge Games also took time to fix the alt-tab issue that would prevent the game from receiving additional mouse input, along with a bug where the agents would be blurred out during the customization screen, and the ability to play the game in ultrawide support at near 4K resolutions without any issues accessing the main menus.

Phantom Doctrine received some decent review scores and picked up a small, dedicated following due to its mixture of espionage spy tactics and XCOM-style combat. The developers seem intent on keeping the support going for as long as possible, and implementing some light customization via user-generated content is definitely a step in the right direction. You can learn more about the update or pick up a copy of the game, which is temporarily marked down by 50% off in light of the update, by visiting the Steam store page.


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