Rainbow Six: Siege Test Server Adds Gridlock, Overweight Female SASR Operative
Rainbow Six Siege

When Ubisoft sent out the internal memo about their “diversity and inclusivity” initiative back in September of 2018, it was pretty obvious that the company’s internal culture was going to undergo a creatively violent cultural rift where some developers would likely try to cater content to the core audience and some developers would attempt to court the adoration of the perpetrators of outrage culture. Well, we can see that with the latest character entry in Rainbow Six: Siege named Tori Tallyo “Gridlock” Fairous, an overweight female SASR operator.

The new operator was introduced as part of the Burnt Horizon update, which is due out soon but is currently in the test server phase. Gridlock is an Australian member of the United Kingdom Special Air Service Regiment.

Rainbow Six Siege - Gridlock Full

The 36-year-old clocks in at 102kg, or approximately 224 pounds, weighing about as much as professional wrestler AJ Styles but lacking any of the muscle. She’s also only 5.8, so obviously she’s overweight.

Rainbow Six Siege - Gridlock

Social Justice Warriors have been heavily pushing for overweight characters to appear more in games as a form of “fat acceptance” or normalizing obesity.

The media’s fascination with trying to push young girls (mostly) into becoming overweight was actually called out by the science community, with Science Daily publishing an article on June 22nd, 2018 from the University of East Anglia, which explains…

“New research warns that the normalization of ‘plus-size’ body shapes may be leading to an increasing number of people underestimating their weight – undermining efforts to tackle England’s ever-growing obesity problem. Analysis of data from almost 23,460 people who are overweight or obese revealed that weight misperception has increased in England.”

Obviously the facts haven’t stopped places like Tumblr from celebrating overweight-culture and constantly trying to encourage others to accept it as well, which is why a character like Gridlock became an instant fan-favorite on the social media platforms and with Left-wing journalists, as noted by Junkee.com.


Gridlock wasn’t the only one part of the update, though. Ubisoft also added a second character to the mix, Max “Mozzie” Goose, who is an Australian motorcyclist and obviously named after the two heroes from the original Mad Max.

It’s pretty obvious that Ubisoft is trying to ride the outrage-culture wave via virtue signaling their support for more fat acceptance in media.

What’s funny is that the Social Justice circles on social media and from blogs are throwing Ubisoft praise and adoration for the addition of Gridlock, while simultaneously criticizing anyone who says that Mortal Kombat 11 lacks sex appeal.

The one-sided nature of today’s media entertainment business is a blatantly inescapable joke.

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