Rape Day Visual Novel Releases In April On Steam, But Some Gamers Want It Banned
Rape Day

Desk Plant’s Rape Day, a pick-your-own-adventure visual novel about an apocalyptic event that causes people to turn into rapist zombies, is scheduled to release in April of 2019 on Steam. However, some gamers are trying to rally support to get the game banned.

The game is about players assuming the role of a serial killer rapist named “Boss”, who has been hiding in plain sight among the general public. However, things take a turn for the worst (for everyone else) when a zombie apocalypse hits and people begin to turn into the undead. However, the zombie virus turns them into violent rapists first before they become flesh-eaters. Boss decides to use the cover of the zombie apocalypse to carry out his most heinous crimes yet, killing any men and raping the women.

The game features 571 images, more than 7,800 words, and a plethora of depraved choices to unfold the story.

Even though it’s still several months out from release, it’s already attracting attention from some of the usual suspects.

In fact, the plot was so reprehensible for some gamers, they decided to make threads on the forum boards, talking about how to devise a plan to get the game banned from Steam.

While it’s easy to laugh off the attempts of some people to get a game banned, keep in mind that this is how it started with House Party back in 2017, where Christian Justice Warriors and Social Justice Warriors both bombarded Valve to ban the game, which they did… briefly. House Party came back but was censored, and then it created a ripple effect where other games started getting banned, and the censorship escalated, and then eventually it turned into the original Waifu Holocaust.

So far the developer has not responded to the small gathering of people attempting to report the game and get it banned, but we’ll see how Valve deals with Rape Day given that it doesn’t appear to be a troll game, and it’s definitely not illegal, nor does it take place in a “school” setting. So this will definitely challenge Valve in what steps they’ll take or how far outside their own rules they’ll go to ban the game, if it comes to that.

Rape Day - Boss

You can look for Rape Day to launch on the Steam store this April. For more information you can visit the Steam store page.

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