Reddit Starts Targeting And Banning Loli Fans For Old Posts That ‘Sexualize Minors’
Loli Attack

If you’re into loli art or part of lolicon culture, you may have a target on your back. A meme-worthy PSA was posted up on the Konosuba sub-reddit on February 23rd, 2019 to warn users that one of their greatest posters had been banned from Reddit. His offense? A post that he had made four months ago.

The moderator of the Konosuba community, grizzchan, informed users about joe4553 being banned from the community. They explained…

“/u/joe4553 was one of our most active posters for quite a long time. Unfortunately it seems there has been yet another banwave, presumably for “sexualization of minors” yet again.


“Joe if you’re reading this, I suggest you try to appeal your ban. That’s how mine got lifted and how holofan’s permaban turned into a temporary one.


“To every active poster, I advise you to dig through your history of nsfw posts (search for “nsfw:yes author:”) and evaluate which ones you need to remove to keep your account unbanned.


“Through communication with other anime subreddit mods it has become pretty clear that there are people maliciously reporting very old posts in the hopes of getting people banned.”

The thread explains that there’s a joke sub-reddit known as Lolitary that is no longer a joke sub-reddit.

It started as a meme to protect the loli and shotas from lolicon and shotacon culture. The community describes itself with the following…

“The Lolitary is a force dedicated to the protection and defense of all lolis. We swear an oath to protect and defend lolis from all threats, foreign and domestic, and to enforce all laws and regulations in accordance with the protection of the innocence and well being of all lolis. We provide backup and assistance to all protectors of the lolis, without question. We have no borders.”

As silly as it might seem, this is actually a special operations community operating under the cover of being a meme community.

A thread posted on January 18th, 2019 from TailaBlu claims that they were a survivor of non-contact sexual abuse by an online predator, and that they were there to encourage the efforts of the Lolitary in preventing lolicon culture from expanding, or rather, wiping out the culture on Reddit.

A few users didn’t think the post was serious, but the moderators jumped in to explain that they’re very serious and that the Lolitary is designed to ban users from Reddit who engage in the sexual exploitation of minors.

Essentially, they’re the anti-loli finger squad.

Various members of other loli communities have been disappearing due to getting banned, and Konasuba’s joe4553 was one of them.

His disappearance, however, did not go unnoticed by the moderators and the rest of the community, prompting them to take further precautions about being banned for what they post. The moderator suggested for people to start going through their history and removing anything that the Reddit administrators or the Lolitary special operatives could find that might end in a ban.

While some might think this is all part of silly internet culture, the war on lolis is real.

The crackdown came from Reddit back at the end of 2018, when they began banning lewd loli communities. A few non-loli communities were banned as well.

Many loli communities began going into panic mode as the bans were being passed down, as they thought that only current images or media featuring lewd lolis or lolis in general would get them banned, but that isn’t true. Any posts from the past – before the new rule change was put into place – could still net you a ban.

This has also made some anime fans in general paranoid because the United Nations also wants to crack down on child exploitation, but they want to include “drawings and cartoons” under the draft as well, which would mean that tons of anime, doujin, mangas, and hentai could end up being banned if the proposal moves forward, as outlined in a video by Lost Pause.

It’s not even just drawings and anime, either. In Kentucky the Senate passed a bill that outlaws sex dolls that resemble underage persons, as reported by the Montreal Gazette. While a lot of people may not like anything resembling lolis or lolicon culture, there is an aggressiveness by policy makers to attack and ban fictional drawings and non-sentient objects in recent years.

For now it appears as if many loli subs and shota communities are on high-alert. The Lolitary operatives are basically out in full force, looking to ban users who post or share lewd images of loli characters.

These are dark times for weebs.

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