Reports Claim Anthem Is Hitting The Bargain Bin On Launch Day

It looks like outlets have taken different Anthem deals around the world and compiled them together to outline that Anthem’s future is grim. Yes, it is true that Anthem has a low Metacritic score of 60 and a user score of 4.0. However, is it true that the latest work of Electronic Arts and BioWare is doing as bad as people are saying on its official launch day?

Anthem has its issues and even sports a wide variety of bugs and other eyebrow raising concerns, but as it stands now the Warframe-like looter-shooter is considered to have hit the bargain bin due to bad reception… or has it?

On February 22nd, 2019, places like the infamous ResetEra,, via N4G, and sub-reddit r/PS4 (amassing over 10.8k upvotes) reported that Anthem hit the bargain bin. This was facilitated by a ResetEra member stating “Massive reduction from MSRP at €69 on PS4 launch day LOL” with the following image:

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According to actual residents that live near the German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with numerous branches throughout Europe, best known as Media Markt, we learn from user Ducegraphy the following:

“The price is usually 69,99€ here in Europe but Media Markt (that retailer) has this “exchange” service where you give them an old game and they sell you a new release for 45€. But if you buy it online, the delivery guy never asks for a game in return, so you basically get every physical new release for 45€. It’s pretty dope if you like physical copies.”

So, in other words, a local promotional deal is going on at Media Markt, where if a person trades in a game they will then receive a physical copy of Anthem for a cut-price.

Another local around said retail store named Martinspire followed up on the above r/PS4 commenter and had this to say:

“The normal price for games here and in Germany is 70 bucks (like on the Microsoft Store, or Playstation Store) or 60 for PC (like on Steam and whatnot). But Mediamarkt always offers them for 60 or even 55 at times (yes that includes new AAA games, like Anthem is). So doing it for 40 is a big difference but not as big as some of the posts here.


There’s also a lot of major promotions at Mediamarkt at times like having 20% off on everything (we had one a few weeks ago because they were in the Netherlands for 20 years). So if you have that normally cheaper game and put in a discount like this, I can see them go for 40 bucks, especially if the reviews are down a bit. But thats still a lot of copies so they probably have no problem with that anyways.”

On the contrary, user ShadowAUS posted the following information regarding the land down under and its Anthem pricing:

“Similar thing in Australia, Harvey Norman (who usually is one of the more expensive places to buy games from) currently has Anthem on sale for $55AUD which is VERY cheap for a new game here. It’s also $55 on Australian Amazon. JB-HIFI has it for $66 which is cheaper than their standard low of $69. The only major game retailer selling it for RRP is the usual suspect; EBGames ($89.95).”



If it is true that Anthem — the game with multiple release dates — is currently on sale on launch day, then it raises the question if Anthem can move 6 million copies by March 31st, 2019? If Anthem can’t it will prove EA execs wrong, because EA COO and CFO, Blake Jorgensen, told investors the company has modeled “between five and six million sales for Anthem” within six weeks.

We’ll find out in the coming weeks whether this is a local promotional deal for Anthem in Germany and Australia or if the game is being cut due to uninterest. Additionally, EA Q4 2019 Earnings Conference Call for May 7th, 2019, will answer all questions regarding Anthem.

With that said, do you believe Anthem is doing well or no?


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