Riddled Corpses EX, 16-Bit Inspired Bullet-Hell Co-op Shooter Lands On Nintendo Switch March 3rd
Riddled Corpses EX

Riddled Corpses EX, the 16-bit inspired SHMUP from Spanish studio Diabolical Mind, is set to land on the Nintendo Switch starting March 3rd. The game is a throwback to old-school classic arcade games from the 8-bit and 16-bit era, but designed for today’s gamers. This includes lots of hand-drawn custom art, huge bosses, and old-school difficulty settings featuring frenzied bullet-hell gameplay.

Riddled Corpses EX originally came out back in June of 2018 on the PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One, but French publisher Cowcat decided to bring the game over to the Nintendo Switch to give real gamers a taste of the isometric, non-stop shooting action.

The game sports 60fps gameplay with two-player local co-op play, six different characters to choose from, and three different modes, including an arcade mode, a story mode, and survival modes. You can get a look at the gameplay with the trailer below.

It’s basically like Zombies Ate My Neighbors on SHMUP steroids.

You can utilize the combo system to stack your score, and acquire a variety of weapons and upgrades to improve your performance and make your character a hard-hitting, gun-totting, zombie-killing machine.

The gameplay is certainly reminiscent of old-school twin-stick shooters, so if you enjoy those kind of games but with a slathering of co-op play and the ability to take the game with you on the go with the Switch’s portability mode, then Riddled Corpses EX seems like a safe bet… that’s assuming you’re okay throwing $9.99 at the digital pay-wall for the title when it does release on March 3rd for the Nitnendo Switch.

Regardless of what you think of the actual gameplay or in-game mechanics, at the very least the artwork is definitely on point, I wouldn’t be surprised if it probably made the people over the new PS4 censorship policies wince in anger and disgust at seeing the hotties on the game’s cover.


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