Roblox Staff Reinstates PewdiePie’s Account After Making Headlines For Banning Him
PewDiePie Unbanned

Roblox staff have apparently unbanned PewDiePie’s account for the game. This was made public via a staff post in the developer forums for public updates and announcements. Why they felt the need to hide the announcement in the forum is anybody’s guess, but it clearly outlines that PewDiePie is no longer banned in Roblox.

Initially headlines were made when the company banned PewDiePie during a livestream on February 11th, 2019. Subsequently, other users where also being threatened with account terminations for even mentioning PewDiePie’s name in the game.

Well on February 13th, 2019 they rescinded that mandate and announced that PewDiePie’s legacy account had been reinstated, over on the Roblox developer forums. The staff wrote…

“We wanted to provide some context on the situation with PewDiePie.


“Roblox is committed to providing a safe and civil platform for our players, including blocking memes that represent or are synonymous for behavior that falls outside of our community standards. In December, “pewdie” became one of these negative memes on Roblox. As such, we began blocking the creation of new usernames that incorporated the term “pewdie.” The legacy account that PewDiePie used in his livestream was incorrectly banned as part of the administration of this policy. His legacy account is being reinstated.


“As with every user, we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior on Roblox that violates our terms of use or community guidelines, including discriminatory speech or actions based on race or ethnic origin, national origin, religion or religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. If a violation occurs, that user account will be banned.”

There’s a second post with an update that reiterates that PewDiePie’s legacy account has been reinstated, just to ensure that everyone knows that PewDiePie is no longer banned in Roblox.

Many people criticized the company for banning the popular YouTube in the first place since he literally didn’t do anything but livestream the game and play with some fans.

He later did a video on his banning, which put an even bigger spotlight on the issue.

Obviously lots of news sites began reporting on the ban and this put Roblox in a negative light, especially since other users were getting banned for simply mentioning PewDiePie’s name in the game.

The reasoning for the ban, however, is what’s most suspect. They were basically going by what was being printed or published in the media that negatively smeared PewDiePie’s name without doing any of the research themselves. So basically, PewDiePie was banned from Roblox based on the developers trusting fake news.


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