Rooster Teeth Removes Vic Mignogna From RWBY Cast Following Recent Allegations

RWBY Vic Fired

Various corners of social media have sprouted up a healthy army of Social Justice Warriors who have taken to the #KickVic hashtag movement to get the famous anime voice actor, Vic Mignogna, fired from working within the anime industry. Some of their efforts have proven successful, as Rooster Teeth confirmed that they have fired Mignogna from voicing the character Qrow Branwen in the animated series RWBY.

The news comes courtesy of Anime News Network, who was given a statement by Rooster Teeth. The company announced that Mignogna would not be returning for future episodes of RWBY

“Effective today, Vic Mignogna is no longer a part of the cast of RWBY and Rooster Teeth is ending all associations with Mignogna. This will not affect the creative content of RWBY.”

According to Anime News Network, which is one of the outlets that have been leading the charge against Mignogna, the character of Qrow Branwen will not disappear from RWBY, so Rooster Teeth will be looking to replace Mignogna instead of writing the character out of the show.

However, there have been rumors about the show heading in a more “progressive” direction to court the Social Justice Warrior crowd, with more LGBTQ characters supposedly being added to Volume 6, as revealed during the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con panel for RWBY.

Nevertheless, Rooster Teeth’s decision comes shortly after Vic Mignogna made a public statement at the Bak-Anime 2019 event during the February 2nd weekend to address the allegations that were raised against him by various individuals claiming he had partaken in sexual misconduct by hugging them or kissing them on the forehead or cheek.

So far, none of the allegations have held much weight, and have almost entirely been hearsay or blown out of proportion, such as the example used in the Anime News Network piece, where voice actor Neil Kaplan, who railed on Mignogna for riding on his shoulders at Megacon.

If you’re unable to view the video in the tweet, you can watch it below, which shows the short event involving Mignogna climbing on Kaplan’s shoulders as the crowd in the auditorium go wild.

Keep in mind, however, that Kaplan is a Leftist.

Mignogna, meanwhile, still has his official statement pinned to his Twitter account, and has been spending time promoting Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which has been a big success so far, and what was the recent catalyst for bringing out the Social Justice Warriors to get the voice actor kicked out of the industry.

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