Sengoku Neet Omake Update Includes Deleted Scenes Featuring Missing Character Art
Sengoku Neet

Japanese developer Jaxy Create originally released Sengoku Neet on Steam on February 14th, 2019 in a rather broken state. The game had undergone some minor changes insofar that some of the characters had been removed or replaced. This resulted in the game having some file calls that resulted in errors and crashing. Well, after fixing the bugs and resolving the crashing, Jaxy decided to re-add the missing characters to the game via an Omake update featuring deleted scenes.

The news comes courtesy of an update over on the Steam community page, where Jaxy explained that the missing characters can now be seen from the deleted scenes menu…

“We added “OMAKE”.


“If there is saved data possessing Takeda and Liberty, you can see them in the form of Ver1.


“Please select “OMAKE” from the title way to see.


“Thank you!”

As you can tell, their English isn’t the best, but it’s serviceable.

The missing characters were first noted when a user going by the handle of Rik67 noticed that the Steam version of the game was different from the Japanese version on DLSite. Despite being flagged as an Adults Only title, Sengoku Neet appeared to be missing a couple of key characters that were available in the Japanese version.

This revelation led to gamers questioning why the characters were removed? The queries ramped up when certain bugs related to the missing characters popped up, and Jaxy was forced to fix them. Some gamers presumed that this could have been the doing of Steam bearing down on the developer, but it turns out that that wasn’t the case.

During the kerfuffle Jaxy finally explained why the characters were removed, and it was supposedly because the art quality wasn’t up to par, so their content was replaced.

Gamers weren’t particularly thrilled at that revelation, but Jaxy noted that the team would be re-adding the missing artwork in a deleted scenes update, which they finally did on February 22nd, 2019.

Now Sengoku Neet’s bugs and crashes have been addressed and the missing content is now restored.

You can purchase a copy of the game from over on the Steam store for just $19.99.

(Thanks for the news tip Richard)


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