Shaft Trailer Takes Dig At Today’s Weak Millennial Beta Males

There’s a new Shaft movie in the works called Shaft. Because obviously Hollywood has a penchant for rebooting movies every 20 years or so, only this time they decided to reboot a reboot and keep the name the same but treat it like some sort of pseudo-sequel to the 2000 outing of Shaft starring Samuel L. Jackson.

The 2000 John Singleton flick was a by-the-books detective flick featuring Christian Bale in one of the most under-utilized roles in his entire career. The follow-up film seems to ditch white actors altogether in today’s age of “diversity” by bringing three generations of Shaft together in a single, buddy-up action comedy.

I have no idea what the actual plot is other than that Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft has had a son who turns out to be a weak-arse, millennial beta male. Since Shaft wasn’t around to raise him (which is statistically accurate for certain populations of America), his son grew up to be a downright pansy. This includes his son actually complaining about Shaft willing to beat up an armed woman, with the son proclaiming “That’s misogynistic!”. Shaft, meanwhile, has to work overtime to turn the puny, Liberal-crock-spewing bastard into a real man.

You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Movieclips Trailers.

New Line Cinema and Warner Bros., ditched Singleton in favor of Kenya Barris and Tim Story, opting for what looks like a typical action-comedy instead of a hard-nosed detective tale following Shaft.

It’s a little hard to tell which direction the movie will take with the characters: Will Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Roundtree teach the millennial wash-out how to be a real man and to embrace proper masculinity to solve his problems? Or will this be more Hollywood propaganda trash trying to subliminally push the message that men need to be weak, soy-consuming beta males in order to resolve conflict?

Given the current push from the Liberal media to constantly punish men for embracing their masculinity (as evident with anti-male ads from Gillette, Johnnie Walker, and Volkswagen, among others) it wouldn’t be surprising if a film like Shaft was used to push a similar message under the guise of being a lightly-boiled action flick.

But given the nature of the trailer and the cast, it’s unlikely that most of America’s last real men will give the film a go, but if it turns out that this is just more of Hollywood’s Left-leaning propaganda at play, it’s probably best to avoid it at all costs.


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