Slave’s Sword 2 Launches On Steam; R18+ Patch Available For Download
Slave's Sword 2

Kagura Games and Circle Poison announced that Slave’s Sword 2 is currently available for purchase from over on the Steam store. The sexy-time game is censored on Steam, but thankfully Kagura Games knows their audience and decided to release the R18+ patch for those who wanted something a little more exotic out of their fantasy-adventure role-playing experience.

You can download Slave’s Sword 2 from over on the Steam store for $14.99. It’s currently discounted by 15% off during the first week of being on sale, so you can get it for just $12.74 in case you only consider purchasing adult-themed games via frugality.

Once you get the game locked and loaded, it’s time to demystify the main dame’s derriere with a little R18+ download patch. You’ll need to first download the patch from the Kagura Games download section.

Slave Sword 2 - Captive

Once the patch is downloaded you’ll need to follow the instructions for installation, as outlined over on the SteamUncensored sub-reddit.

Run the executable file, click through the installation wizard, and then wait for the patcher to automatically configure the patch files in the Steam directory for Slave’s Sword 2.

Once the wizard is complete, boot up the game and it should be the R18+ version of the game.

If you have the Chinese version of Slave’s Sword 2, you’ll need to download a separate patch for that.

Over on the Steam forums user Rik67 offers a quick guide on how to get your hands on the patch. You can download the Chinese patch version 3 from the Google Drive.

Installing the Chinese version is the same as installing the English version.

As for Slave’s Sword 2… the game is a classic RPG adventure about the heroine Luna, who – with the help of her trusty allies – managed to free the land and bring peace and prosperity back to the people. However, it wasn’t long after that a new, even more menacing foe arrived that defeated Luna during her campaign to free the Imperial Capital from the clutches of wrongdoers. However, Luna is captured and humiliated by the empire.

Players will have to help Luna battle her way out of captivity, acquire new gear, upgrade her armor and weapons, and regain her freedom.

Given Valve’s shifty rules regarding adult-themed content it was smart for Kagura to maintain their tradition of keeping R18+ patches off-site instead of risking launching the game uncensored on Steam and getting banned like so many other games. On the upside, if you wanted to add Slave’s Sword 2 to your Steam library, you can do so right now.


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