Social Justice Warriors Target Niche Gamer Owner Brandon Orselli’s Child Over Catherine Article
Catherine Full Body

Social mob justice is a new form of preventing people from expressing unpopular opinions in public that rub the extremists on the Left the wrong way. A perfect example of that is with Niche Gamer owner Brandon Orselli who published an article on February 17th, 2019 debunking rumors spread by certain members of the forum ResetEra that claimed that the game Catherine: Full Body was “queerphobic” and “transphobic”. While defending the article on social media, Social Justice Warriors mobbed together and machinated a plan to get Orselli’s child taken away from him for exposing ResetEra’s canard.

Orselli Tweeted out about the misinformation being spread by certain members of ResetEra on February 18th, 2019. In the thread, he wrote…

“[Regarding] Catherine: Full Body lies and slander I’ve been covering via Niche Gamer. One of the spreader of lies, @andrearitsu, was banned. They now live under @andreareventon, and are still spreading lies that Atlus are transphobic, when we have conclusively proven this isn’t the case. […]


“As I bring on more staff and have more hands to cover games/reviews/news, I want to expand our coverage to cover issues like this once again, in gaming. Fighting for the truth, and an unbiased look at industry issues. Also fighting censorship, of course these people are snakes and they will try to destroy you, your company, your staff, etc., so that they can further their own platform and agenda. They will spread lies and deceitful propaganda and their allies will gobble it up b/c it fits their narrative+furthers their gains.


“Just do what I do and call them out, point and laugh, while instead continuing to deliver a good product. Do not apologize, do not give in, because they will simply demand more blood.”

Calling them out, however, was the spark that lit the flame under the SJWs.

The fire would be threaded through the unsavory corners of social media by Twitter user Cran Boonitz, like a lit flame following a snaking path of oil and tar in a rotted, wooden house. Donning a crudely sexualized moniker called “Boner Culture Disrespecter”, Boonitz posted a series of tweets on February 20th, 2019 as a rebuttal, writing…

“As I understand it Mombot, in keeping with her dedication to free speech and debate under the GamerGate banner, is going berserk and targeting people who discuss the treatment of trans characters in the new Catherine, even resorting to mass report spam from her followers. In a strange coincidence, she seems to reserve especial hate towards LGBT people. She’s been stalking and periodically harassing @andrearitsu since around the time Fire Emblem Fates’ homophobic Soleil Support dialogue came to light – that was in *2015*.


“It beggars belief that someone benignly criticising a video game’s depiction of trans people can get suspended from Twitter simply because one of the site’s most consistent serial harassers is angered by that discussion happening at all.


“As if Mombot wasn’t enough, the man in charge of NicheGamer is trying to dogpile Andrea as well. Report this one for targeted harassment. (Also, how utterly spiteful and unhinged does someone running a gaming news site have to be to paint a target on someone by name and condemn them for “lying and slander” against a game’s narrative? These guys are something else.)”

Orselli caught wind of Boonitz’ tweets on February 20th, 2019, responding with the same sort of fiery verve that his opposition carried, only his motivation was far different: instead of reacting out of spite and envy, he had the burning love of his family in his heart and the unwavering mantle of truth at his back.

The tweet in question that targeted Orselli’s kid came from Twitter user Colby Klaus, who was responding to Boonitz’ targeted incitement of Orselli. On February 20th, 2019 he posted the following.

Seeing the potential harm this could bring to the entire Social Justice Warrior movement, Boonitz attempted to play it off as a facetious comment.

Even still, others within the thread called out Boonitz and colbyklaus for instigating the conversation around targeting Orselli’s child.

In a now removed thread over on Kotaku in Action, users pointed out that the individuals responding to and encouraging Boonitz have been involved in doxing — and in Klaus’ case he was a former moderator of the anti-#GamerGate sub-reddit GamerGhazi — which they feared could put Orselli and his family in some kind of danger.

I did reach out to Orselli about the incident and he stated that he was okay, but felt it was annoying that he was being targeted for just trying to get the truth out about a game that was being publicly maligned based on falsehoods.

I also attempted to reach out to Colby Klaus and Cran Boonitz to ask them about their incitement of harassment against journalists for doing their due diligence, but they have me blocked on Twitter.

(Thanks for the news tip Lyle)


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