Space Battle VR Sports Dynamic Motion-Based Flight Controls, VR Cockpit Interaction

Space Battle VR

Raba Games’ Space Battle VR came out back in December of 2018. It’s a VR space-sim designed for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, using free-look for the headset and wand-based motion controls for the ship, which is an interesting way to embrace the space sim genre.

In fact, according to the developers, the motion controller setup is one of the core lures for Space Battle VR, as you’ll need to manually operate the mechanics within the cockpit by using the wands to alter the throttle and handling the cockpit by using the wand to pitch and yaw on the stick.

You can briefly see how the controls are utilized with the gameplay trailer below.

The cool part is that you don’t need to rely on looking down at the cockpit to maneuver the ship, but instead you can focus on the target in front of you.

It creates a very different kind of dogfighting experience when it comes to flight sims, as it takes you one step closer to the kind of immersive experience that was oftentimes teased in retro films about what the future of VR would be like. It’s definitely taken a while to get there, but we’re slowly getting there.

If you want to see how the dogfighting looks during organic gameplay, there’s actually a fairly in-depth video posted up by YouTuber Paradise Decay.

Beyond the mechanical aspects of Space Battle VR, the game itself is about attempting to save humanity from evil space invaders by duking it out among the stars.

To help keep the game feeling fresh, Space Battle VR has a variety of different ships to man, each with their own weapon layout and handling, so that players will have to adjust to the differences in each of the ships.

Even though the game came out back in December, it hasn’t received a whole lot of press, which is why the developers have a special sales promotion going on right now where the game is available for 20% off the normal price, so instead of paying $14.99 for it you can get it for just $11.99. They aren’t finished updating it, though. As they’re receiving feedback and comments from the community, they’re adding more quality of life features to Space Battle VR, including turning on or turning off aim assist, as well as improving the way the space cannon handles, and allowing players to adjust their seating position within the cockpit.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the Steam store page.