Teach Me How To Play Chess, Sexy AV Chess Game Heads To Nintendo Switch Feb 21st
Teach Me how to Play Chess

Silverstar Japan announced that Teach Me How To Play Chess will be released on the Nintendo Switch starting February 21st, 2019 on the Nintendo eShop. The game will be available for 800 yen, along with four DLC packs ranging from 500 yen to 1000 yen.

As reported by Nintendo Life, the game features adult video actresses Airi Satou, Inori Hanamiya, and Yui Uno walking gamers through the process of playing the Japanese version of chess.

As you play through the game the three AV models will guide you through the rules, and give you tips as you play the game. The better you do and the better your choices, the more you’ll unlock new photos for each of the three lovely ladies. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the game features.

The game comes with 1,300 cosplay pictures to unlock, featuring the three sexy chicks in various states of undress. There are also 30 clips to encounter while you play.

The game also has a cool little feature called the mom mode, where if your mom walks in on you having a very good time with your AV models, you can quickly tap the minus button on the left Joy-Con to switch the screen from the AV models in their skimpy clothes to some battling monsters on the side of the screen.

Teach me how to play Chess - Inori Hanamiya

It’s a little bit like the “boss key” from back in the 1990s, where you would tap the F11 key and switch from the game to the DOS prompt.

The game is rated CERO D for a 17+ crowd but it doesn’t contain any actual nudity, much like the other softcore games also available on the Switch that gives gamers plenty of cheesecake to appreciate.

Teach me how to play Chess - Yui Uno

You can look to pick up a digital copy of Teach Me How To Play Chess on February 21st from the Japanese version of the Nintendo eShop. You don’t need to make a new account to buy the game, you can actually just switch your Nintendo profile to the Japanese region and pick up a Japanese eShop points card from Play-Asia.com to purchase games from the Japanese eShop for the Switch. It’s really that easy.

This just goes to show that despite Sony increasing their censorship policies, Nintendo is allowing just about any and every kind of fan-service on the Switch.

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