The Escapist Postpones Recon Interview Series After Angering SJWs

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The Escapist can’t seem to escape controversy in recent times. First Russ Pitts claimed that they were leaving politics at the door, only to turn around and start defaming former staff and community of The Escapist by calling them “Nazis” and “Alt-Right”. Pitts and the parent company of The Escapist, Enthusiast Gaming, found themselves embroiled in a defamation suit, and then the outlet found themselves being hammered by Social Justice Warriors for daring to talk about ethics and to question one of the employees at Riot Games over the harassment case. Well, after deleting the article about ethics, apologizing for interviewing the female employee at Riot Games, and with the editor-in-chief Russ Pitts stepping down, Victor Lucas from The Escapist decided to announce that they would be delaying the Recon interview series following the complaints.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet that was posted up on February 13th, 2019 from Victor Lucas, the journalist at the forefront of the Recon series at The Escapist.

If you’re unable to read the message in the tweet, it states…

“Given the recent news at The Escapist everything affiliated with Recon is on hold. This is absolutely the right decision. I will add that I advised the Escapist executive team that we needed to postpone the launch of the show prior to the recent news. The executive team agreed with me. That said, Recon is owned by The Escapist and ultimately they will announce when the show will air.


“I do know that we made a tremendous mistake releasing that ill-conceived and out-of-context teaser video last week. We were completely tone deaf to how it would be received. I am making this a powerful personal learning experience and I will do better in the future, particularly when releasing content about such a massive issue as the treatment of women in the workplace. Again, I deeply and humbly apologize to everyone I offended and hurt. I feel awful about the whole thing.


“I do look forward to eventually sharing more about Recon when the time is more appropriate to do so.”

Most people who actually value ethics in journalism were disgusted that The Escapist would delete articles, remove editorials, and delay the publication of interviews all because an ideological sect that has been ruining gaming complained loudly on Twitter.

Essentially, the people who align with the extremism attached to the Social Justice Warrior agenda are holding content hostage that they don’t like. In this case, they didn’t like that a female employee at Riot Games came across as somewhat uncomfortable while attempting to address the sexual harassment claims aimed at Riot, and instead of waiting for the full interview, the SJWs sperged out on Twitter and social media until The Escapist deleted the clip and removed the article that briefly discussed that the clip was coming.

Now, the entire series is postponed as The Escapist waits for a more opportune time to publish the content without being bombarded and having to self-flagellate at the behest of Social Justice Warriors because some of them got offended over an interview tackling a controversial topic.

This journalism-by-outrage committee is a dangerous way to run a publication, and I can’t imagine that The Escapist will last for long if they curate their content around the feelings of those who are perpetually offended.

(Thanks for the news tip Blaugast)

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