The Escapist Removes Editorial About Ethics In Journalism After SJWs Harass Russ Pitts

If you want to write about ethics in video games journalism, you can’t. Not if you’re a large enough site that courts the attention of the shrieking harpies on the far corners of the internet known as Social Justice Warriors. That’s exactly what’s happened with The Escapist, who removed an editorial about ethics in journalism after receiving harassment from Social Justice Warriors.

We reported on SJWs reproaching editor-in-chief Russ Pitts for the editorial that The Escapist published on February 5th, 2019, mostly for including a section in the piece about #GamerGate while discussing the broader topic of ethics in games journalism.

After being dogpiled by many of the usual suspects on social media about how terrible The Escapist was for attempting to broach the subject matter, Pitts folded, issued an apology on February 7th, 2019 via Twitter and then completely removed the editorial and replaced it with the apology from Twitter, which states…

“Yesterday was a bad day. It was a reminder that the smallest of actions can have a big impact on everyone.


“Yesterday Escapist Magazine published an article by me that many people found offensive, upsetting, or unnecessary. To make matters worse, I said some things on social media that were truly terrible.


“To Zoe Quinn and everyone who rightfully admires her resilience in the face of a terrible ordeal: I am genuinely sorry I diminished your experience of abuse. I should not have spoken to you that way. Not in public. Not in private. Not anywhere. I don’t expect your forgiveness. You and your followers deserve to know that I am aware of how horrible I was to you, and that I genuinely regret having those thoughts, much less expressing them.


“To all of you who have followed me, supported me, or merely watched me make a fool of myself for decades: I let you down. I’m sorry.”

Pitts goes on to say that he’s also going to take some time off from social media.

He also states that after being told by the mobs on social media that they were wrong for attempting to discuss ethics in games journalism that the mobs were right, and that the outlet was wrong for running an editorial about ethics in games journalism or attempting to even broach the subject matter of #GamerGate…

“We had good intentions. I personally felt that we had to at least reference the painful events of 2014, not in spite of but because of this website’s role in them. Ultimately I was wrong, and the article was simply not the right thing for us to publish at this time.


“Some of you knew that. Some of you told me that. Not hearing you is also on me. And again, I’m sorry.”


This is basically ethics by mob rule.

This decision came after Pitts was accosted by some anti-#GamerGate people on social media. In one specific conversation Pitts basically acknowledged that writing about the subject matter was wrong after being badgered into deleting the article(s).

Basically, after Pitts was pressured by the outrage mob to remove the article, he did.

This is interesting because in the recently published court documents relating to Enthusiast Gaming lawsuit, Pitts claimed he wouldn’t be removing or engaging in the spoliation of evidence, and yet just a day after the editorial about ethics was published it was removed.

Basically, Pitts hasn’t been able to win over actual gamers looking for a real gaming news outlet, nor have they been able to win over the anti-gaming crowd who hates gaming culture but wants a culture-oriented website. Trying to straddle the line between the two hasn’t won them the affability of either side.

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