The Escapist’s Hit Piece On TheQuartering Causes Trade Coffee Sponsor To Bail
The Quartering

It seems like the phrase “tortious interference” is tossed around a lot these days. It’s because there appears to be plenty of certifiable examples to reference where certain people seem to go out of their way to make life hard for other people who simply refuse to toe the Leftist line. That’s exactly what happened recently when The Escapist’s Riley Constantine took aim at YouTubers The Amazing Lucas and Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly because they criticized Apex Legends getting woke.

The piece was published on February 27th, 2019, with Constantine setting the sights on the two YouTubers who decried Respawn Entertainment using the free-to-play Battle Royale game to push their own sociopolitical agenda by revealing that two of the characters identified on the LGBTQIA spectrum. When Constantine discovered that the YouTubers were unwilling to kowtow, the game journalists went into attack mode, writing…

“There is a contingent of disingenuous troglodytes that relishes the opportunity to whine whenever a queer character is introduced in a video game. It offends their sensitivities. If you do a YouTube search of “Apex Legends LGBTQ,” prepare to witness a horde of cisgender heterosexual men complaining about how Apex Legends has queer heroes while rolling out all the usual dog whistles. “It’s political! It’s pandering! It’s virtue signaling! It’s waffle cock! I’m not against gay people in games, but in this case I am!”


“The rhetoric surrounding Apex Legends in the most incendiary YouTube comments and videos is coded to make it clear that what they want is to say “no queers allowed” but they won’t actually say it aloud. Allow me to explain with direct evidence, but I warn you to avoid clicking the links because they are quite vile. […]


“[…] Beneath the veneer of politically correct language, The Amazing Lucas and The Quartering are making a clear statement: “We don’t want to explore LGBTQ identity in video games.” By saying the mere presence of LGBTQ people or characters is political or pandering, they’re really saying queer people shouldn’t be present or discussed at all. Per The Amazing Lucas: “Get your agenda, propaganda, and politics out of my games.” In other words: Don’t be gay here. Not in video games or on YouTube.”

The Quartering retorted vehemently, calling out Constantine’s canard.

In a 16 minute video the YouTuber covers both Constantine’s comments, and how they had a reverberating effect within the community that eventually led to him losing sponsors.

The video starts with Jeremy “TheQuartering” Hambly reading an e-mail from his advertising manager, which states…

“Hi Jeremy,


“Due to concerns over your most recent video, and some concerns over other content, Trade [Coffee] have requested that the integration segment that they sponsored within the video be removed with immediate effect, and the description copy with their offer taken off.”

The e-mail from the manager was corroborated by statements made by the Trade Coffee Twitter account, which began replying to people after Social Justice Warriors began pelting the social media account for Trade Coffee in order to get Hambly dropped.

The Social Justice Warriors grounded Hambly’s sponsors, until Trade Coffee finally caved in like crushed beans.

Hambly stated that he forwarded The Escapist’s piece to his lawyer, and that he’s going to focus more on Subscribe Star than worry about trying to nab sponsorship deals.

Even still, this is yet another instance of journalists trying to interfere with someone’s livelihood all because they have a difference of opinion. Just recently game journalists dogpiled on THQ Nordic for simply talking with gamers on 8chan, as covered by Vee, (I would have linked to ReviewTechUSA, but Rich kind of cucked out and agreed with journalists that holding an AMA on 8chan was a bad idea and they they should have held it on the SJW-hellhole known as Reddit, where free thought and non-Leftists ideas get buried and censored).

Anyway, Microsoft general manager Shannon Loftis also pressured THQ Nordic to take down the tweet linking to the AMA on 8chan. This was followed by journalists and blue checkmarks like Frank Cifaldi trying to get platform holders to cancel their publishing contracts with THQ Nordic, even after THQ Nordic apologized to the SJWs.

For these people it’s not just about trying to force people into pliability with the SJW agenda, it’s about complete and utter subservience, and punishment for wrongthink.

In this case, Hambly may have lost a sponsor but he’s likely going to gain support through something like Subscribe Star. So where one door closed another may have opened up just a little bit more, despite The Escapist seemingly trying to get him deplatformed.

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