The Gyee: Gay Chinese Action-RPG Designed To Bring LGBTQ Awareness To Mainland China
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Kiwifruit Studio’s The Gyee: The Gay Legend is a gay-themed, mobile action-RPG featuring Japanese-inspired artwork and character archetypes, but the creators of the game had a far more politically-oriented goal in mind when making the game: they wanted to bring more gayness to China.

According to TV Asahi, a Japanese news outlet, the Chinese development team is still hard at work at adding new content to The Gyee: The Gay Legend, prepping for the certification phase and a potential spring release after having several pre-release beta tests.

The game is specifically themed around gay characters engaging in sexually suggestive situations. In order to avoid being flagged for obscenity, which is what happened with the yaoi novel Occupy, which landed the author and her cohorts in prison for up to 10 years, the developers at Kiwifruit Studio are taking a more subtle approach to introducing mainland China to LGBTQ themes.

The Gyee

The game features 30 main characters, of which 26 are males. There are also different types of homosexual themes, from “Bear” type gays, to the stoutly gays, to young twinks, to the over-the-top fabulous drag queens; the game contains many types of gay culture and gay love within the story and gameplay.

The reason for including such a heavy theme around gay culture in The Gyee is because the producer, Mike, experienced a lot of bullying when he was growing up in China for having “feminine” qualities.

This aspect of his life actually plays a heavy role in the game itself, as he explained to ANN News.

Interestingly enough, in China the game is not being explicitly promoted as LGBTQ-themed, but rather as “equality” themed.

One of the core tenets of the game is that the humans and the monsters are treated differently, and the monsters are trying to fight for equality and fair treatment. According to Mike, the inequality experienced by the monsters is analogous to LGBTQ people in China.

Oh, but I forgot to mention… the monsters are actually more like furries.

The Gyee - Furries

The game still has to go through China’s stiff regulation period before it can be allowed for release in the mainland.

As many people already know, China has strict rules against promoting homosexuality, which is why Kiwifruit Studio is trying to avoid showing any explicit gay sexuality within the game, even though the art and character relationships seem to very much giveaway what it’s about.

The Gyee - Drag Queen

It would be impossible for the Chinese regulators to miss the rather obvious subtext, especially given the undeniable presence of the over-the-top drag queens and barely-dressed males presented in the game. However, Mike comes from the upper class in Beijing, working in the medical tech field, so even if the game is denied release in mainland China, he’s not losing much by having to release the title strictly for overseas audiences.

The project has been in development for the last two years, and it has already attracted a small following of LGBTQ communities dispersed around the mainland, along with those outside of China. So for those of you who thought that far-east Asian countries were immune to the slow spread of the SJW agenda, think again.

The game is currently scheduled to release this spring, but you can learn more about The Gyee for iOS and Android devices by visiting the official website.


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