The Highwaymen’s Badass Trailer Shows Netflix Is Still Trying To Court Men
The Highwaymen

Netflix’s Left-leaning – or more like Left-laying – agenda is too obvious to miss. A lot of the original shows on the streaming service very clearly and conspicuously follow a very specific kind of ideological and sociopolitical trend, especially with the company promoting degenerate filth like Dancing Queen, which no one can criticize lest they be ostracized. That being said, sometimes Netflix will drop a deuce on the plate of Leftists that has a semblance of phallic-infused masculinity crawling out of the brown viscera, effusively dripping off the table of Liberalism.

The upcoming movie, The Highwaymen, which is due out on March 29th, 2019 next month on Netflix, is one of the few projects that looks like it actually appeals to the natural order of masculinity. Testosterone-fueled shootouts, classic cars, and two straight, white male leads who look like they can throw a punch, take punch, and don’t mind reverting to the Second Amendment when the other two are no longer viable options for conflict resolution.

The film stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson as two hard-nosed Texas Rangers brought in to track down and bring to justice the glamorized criminals, Bonnie and Clyde, on behalf of the governor, played by Kathy Bates. You can check out the trailer below, which is expertly put together by marketers who actually seem to want you to watch the film.

So there are a couple of things worth talking about here. Anyone who already knows the story of Bonnie and Clyde aren’t getting much of anything new here; we know how this one ends. However, the construction of the film – from the perspective of the lawmen hunting down the criminal duo – seems to be chiseled and hewn like an exquisite marble statue.

Every frame, every shot, and every scene we see in the trailer makes it look like director John Lee Hancock – who directed The Rookie and The Alamo – seems to take a lot of care in having finely crafted what looks to be a drama-filled period piece with a supple offering of action and thrills throughout.

The Highwaymen - Hi Sweetie

Harrelson appears to take on the more comedic sidekick role to the straight-laced lawman played by Costner, which could help balance the duo’s antics and provide a bit of levity where the film may slowdown. Hopefully the actual flick is as thoroughly paced to perfection as the trailer makes it seem, avoiding the bumpy ups and downs that films like Dillinger suffered from.

The general consensus from the comment section on the YouTube trailer is that this is going to be a can’t miss offering from Netflix. Hopefully it avoids all of the cringe-inducing sociopolitical trauma and subliminal baggage that came with Bird Box. But otherwise, this is probably worth keeping an eye on when March 29th rolls around.


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