The Kid Trailer Pits Ethan Hawke Against Chris Pratt In A Western No-Holds-Barred Showdown
The Kid (2019) Copyright Lionsgate

Lionsgate Studios and Suretone Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming Western flick, The Kid. The name may not seem like much but it’s about Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett, with the latter transporting the former through some hostile territory. To make matters worse, one of the family members of their traveling companions decides he wants to get a little revenge.

Dane Dehaan assumes the role of Billy the Kid, while Ethan Hawke plays Pat Garrett. In a surprising role reversal, Chris Pratt looks bulked up as a villainous brute as opposed to having the boyish charms he sported in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The movie centers around Hawke hunting down and capturing Dehaan, attempting to bring him to justice. Meanwhile Dehaan has accompanied a few youngsters on the run from their mean ‘ole uncle played by Pratt. Things come to a head when all of the combustible forces run head first into each other while passing through a town. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of Movie Trailers.

Now some parts of the plot look a little loose and a little unconnected to the rest of the film, but the parts that do look like they connect right and connect proper do so in a way that makes The Kid seem like a compelling flick.

The real two big highlights taken away from the promotional piece is Ethan Hawk and Chris Pratt, both of whom appear to look like they’re giving a real gung-ho performance, especially Pratt who is practically unrecognizable.

The Kid - Chris Pratt

Seeing the two gunmen finally face off at the end of the trailer was a nice touch, with the marketers wisely not giving away too much.

It’s also interesting that the film touches on the very important factor of how witnessing brave, heroic, or cowardly actions can be turned into a myth, and myth into legend. An act of lenience could be seen as an act of weakness, where-as an act of brutality could be immortalized as an act of justice.

It’s hard to cut the coin one way or another on how the film will portray the characters in their entirety, but it definitely looks like a flick worth checking out. I also noticed that the film veers away from any kind of Social Justice propaganda or “diversity”. It looks like it’s being made to be authentic to the time period, which is a rare breath of fresh air.


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