The Wedding Guest Trailer Leaves Romance At The Door In Favor Of Thrilling Suspense
The Weddging Guest

It’s rare we get to see trailers for films that look drop-dead delicious without giving too much away, but the suspense-thriller from Michael Winterbottom called The Wedding Guest just received a new trailer that hearkens back to classic film-making based around complex characters placed in real danger due to their own machinations.

Essentially, a mysterious contractor is hired to travel to India as a wedding guest. However, his stern disposition and complete lack of gregariousness easily sets the tone that despite the title of the movie containing “wedding”, this obviously isn’t going to be some rom-com schlock. The two and a half minute trailer basically unveils a plot that unravels a rather complex series of motivations from different parties seeking their own ends.

You can check out the trailer below from Movie Trailer Source.

Dev Patel plays a British Muslim who is sent to India to kidnap a bride-to-be… only, the person who hired the kidnapper is the bride-to-be.

It turns out that she wanted to get out of an arranged marriage, but her reasons why aren’t made entirely clear.

The trailer begins to seep uncertainty into what originally seemed like a straightforward mission, and the doubt begins to creep up steadily through the intentions and motivations of Dev Patel’s character, culminating in the scene where the bride-to-be asks if she can trust him, and he readily responds with… “No”.

It definitely leaves you wondering exactly how this will all play out, and whether it will be one of those films that keeps up the pace and unfolds a compelling story, almost like The Heir Apparent: Largo Winch, or the French film Incendies.

Either way, The Wedding Guest is due out in March, and it looks like it could be an interesting thriller without being wrapped up in social justice or Leftist propaganda. Of course, it’s always best to wait for the reviews to find out just how converged the film might be.


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