Ubisoft Apologizes For Quipping About Government Shutdown For The Division 2 Private Beta
The Division 2 Shutdown

Ubisoft sent out an apology after they sent out an e-mail to gamers for the private beta of The Division 2, which is set to take place between February 7th and February 10th.

In the original e-mail sent out to gamers, it had the subject line “Come see what a real government shutdown looks like in the Private Beta”.

One of the gamers who received the e-mail posted it up over on Me.Me.

The image spread around a bit, and then Ubisoft decided to offer an apology.

Mammoth Gamers took note of the apology that they sent out, which attempts to clarify what they tried to do and what they supposedly got wrong. You can view the image of the apology below.

If you’re unable to read the image, it states…

“A marketing email promoting Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was sent in error today. This was a grave breakdown in process and we apologize for this error and the offensive subject line of the email. We recognize the very real impact of the United States government shut down on thousands of people and did not intend to make light of the situation.”

This makes two apologies within the span of just 30 days, with the first coming on the heels of LGTBQ activists being angry that Kassandra from Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey was no longer a canon lesbian, even though it had to happen in order for the timeline to eventually link up to the original trilogy involving Altiar, Ezio, and Desmond.

Either way, Ubisoft acquiesced to the demands of the Rainbow Reich, and declared that they would be changing the way certain sequences unfold in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

I’m not sure if there was actually any outrage over the mention of the government shutdown, but since companies are so used to apologizing for offending the perpetually offended, maybe Ubisoft decided to preemptively apologize before the news went viral?

The other common assumption is that Ubisoft did this as a safe way to get into news headlines because otherwise sites like this would have absolutely no reason at all to talk about the game.

(Thanks for the news tip Drudkh666)


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