Vera Blanc: Full Moon Mystery Game Banned From Google Play For Cleavage, Bikini Images

Vera Blanc Censored

Italian indie developer, Winter Wolves, lamented their game Vera Blanc: Full Moon, being banned from the Google Play store for containing cleavage for the female characters, along with depicting one of the characters in a bikini, which Google now prohibits from their app store for mobile devices.

The news comes courtesy of a tweet from the Winter Wolves official Twitter account on January 30th, 2019, which highlighted the images from an e-mail that Google claimed were in violation of their policies.

Google uses the red highlighted circle to inform developers what part of the image violates their guidelines for content curation on the Google Play store. In the image above, it was the character’s slight cleavage, being barely visible in the one image.

In the second example they showcase two more images that Google outlined as being in violation of their policies, including a buxom brunette showing a little bit of cleavage, and a woman in a bikini.

If you’re unable to see the images, you can check out a larger image of what Google considered inappropriate on the Google Play store.

Vera Blanc - Bikini Banned

And yes, the game actually is removed from the Google Play storefront. If you attempt to click on the Google Play link for Vera Blanc: Full Moon, it will take you to a page saying the requested URL can’t be found on the server.

A cached archive of the store page before it was removed reveals that it was indeed on the store until Google banned it. The logo for the game even features the image of the character with the slight hint of cleavage, which is what led to Google banning the game.

The other versions of Vera Blanc are still available on the Google Play store, just not Vera Blanc: Full Moon.

According to the developers they plan on “fixing” the images, which will likely mean that they’ll censor the game to get it back on the Google Play app store.

Don’t think this is an isolated incident of the algorithm acting up. This has become a systematic pattern of various apps and games getting hit by Google’s new censorship policy.

Aquatrax’s Zyon was hit by the same ban. Google informed them that the cleavage on the sprite characters was no longer allowed, and they were forced to censor the female characters.

The developers also took extra precautions for the release of the game on Steam after Valve silently changed the policies regarding what kind of content is allowed on the storefront and what isn’t.

But that wasn’t all, there was also the ArtStation app that was banned from Google Play as well. The app was targeted for the exact same issues as the other apps above, with cleavage and bare midriffs and thighs being prohibited by Google. ArtStation even went through the painstaking task of using Google’s own image verifier to make sure that the images were safe for the app platform, but even though the image verifier said the images were safe, Google still denied ArtStation from returning until it censored the art or put the non-mature images behind filters.

This is all part of a growing trend of censorship sweeping throughout the media industry. Unfortunately a lot of people have been turning a blind eye due to media misinformation claiming that the censorship is for “illegal” content, which actually isn’t true at all, unless you consider cleavage, bikinis, or political
thrillers to be illegal

Most people probably won’t bat an eye at the news until it affects an app, a game, a movie, or art that they personally care about.

You can learn more about Vera Blanc and Winter Wolves by visiting the official website.