Vic Mignogna Fan Rebuts MarzGurl For Misrepresenting Convention Footage To Smear Vic
Vic Commoners Coffee

Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has been dragged through the mud by accusers, the media, and fellow voice actors, many of whom are trying to get the veteran kicked out of the anime industry. Some of these tactics involve taking video clips of fans and misrepresenting them in order to smear Mignogna. This happened recently when MarzGurl posted a video clip of Mignogna interacting with a fan, and attempted to make it seem as if something uncouth was taking place.

Kaylyn “MarzGurl” Saucedo posted the original tweet on February 11th, 2019.

The entire thread consists of videos of Mignogna doing what’s called the “Commoners Coffee” line with fans from the anime Ouran Highschool Host Club. MarzGurl states that Mignogna doesn’t ask the ages of those he’s doing the line with nor does he get consent from the parents.

The original scene from the anime was uploaded to YouTube by Hiseumin Go.

At various conventions Vic Mignogna occasionally reenacts the scene with fans.

In the very first clip that MarzGurl posted up the video featured Mignogna with a fan named Gemma Black, which you can view below from Gemma’s YouTube channel.

After MarzGurl attempted to use the clip to shame Migongna and smear him, Gemma was notified about the Twitter thread and hopped in to give her side of the story, making multiple posts on February 26th, 2019, defending Mignogna during the interaction.

Gemma told MarzGurl not to use the video for the “witch hunt” against Mignogna, writing…

“Hi I’m the girl in the video and I do not give you my permission to share this Video to Slander Vic in anyway. I ask to him to do the line with me, and he was being funny and making a joke. Do not use me or my Video in your WitchHunt!!!! #IstandWithVic


“Also if you even watched the video he explains that people like YOU on the internet try to say he’s creepy for doing this. Literally we did a line from Ouran High School Host Club, where Vic plays Tamaki who is a very flirty character.


“Of course you Vic hates will try to find anything and make Vic look bad even if that includes taking this out of Context. DO NOT USE ME OR MY VIDEO TO SLANDER VIC. I want no part of this bullshit witchhunt. Vic is a wonderful man.


“Marzgurl I know these videos, mine included are post on YouTube but since people love to take things out of context I was wondering did you even bother asking anyone if you could use their videos as proof against Vic? I bet you didn’t. I know I certainly did not! #istandwithvic”

Gemma also explained that while her father wasn’t in the room at the time, he was appreciative of Mignogna’s interaction with his daughter.

Gemma also posted a picture of herself with Vic Mignogna at the convention, while performing the line with the actor, reiterating the sentiment that she stood with Vic.

This isn’t the first time that Mignogna was smeared using imagery without permission from the person involved in the image.

As recounted by Sakura Anime News, websites like Anime News Network also used images in their articles to smear Mignogna for engaging in misconduct. In reality, the young woman who was featured in the photo that Anime News Network used, spoke out against the media outlet for claiming that Mignogna engaged in non-sensual contact, which wasn’t true.

These instances of media malfeasance and vindictiveness from certain members of the anime industry led to Rooster Teeth firing Mignogna, followed by Funimation conducting an internal investigation that also resulted in Vig Mignogna being fired. This is despite the fact that further evidence surfaced that one of the individuals involved in Funimation’s investigation fabricated information in order to smear Mignogna and his fans.

All of this began to look like a concerted effort to ruin the actor’s career, which is why he eventually retained a lawyer and decided to file a lawsuit against certain individuals.

In this particular case, this is just another instance of information being misused to push an agenda by people attempting to tarnish Mignogna’s name.

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