Warner Bros, SJW Journalists Buttblasted Over Mortal Kombat 11 Being Criticized For Lack Of Sex Appeal
Mortal Kombat 11 Jade

One of the recent characters that was unveiled for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 was the returning female fighter, Jade. However, the olive-skinned beauty shed her pristine skin and scanty threads in place of full combat gear and an undead look thanks to her status of being a revenant. The new look didn’t go down well with everyone. The criticisms leveled against the more conservatively covered-up emerald pugilist perturbed the media and some of the staff at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, triggering them into a state of frenzy like R. Kelly finding out a girl over the age of 18 ended up in one of his sex tapes.

It started with a couple of articles pointing out how Jade from the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 appeared to have lost all her sex appeal, going from sporting a barely-there battle-bikini to full-armored warrior garb.

Sites like Bounding Into Comics criticized NetherRealm for potentially heading down the same route EA was taking with Battlefield V by trying to capture a “diverse” audience, but ended up getting woke and going broke. The site also pointed out how all of the women in Mortal Kombat 11 have taken huge steps backward from being anywhere near as attractive as they appeared in Mortal Kombat 9, or heck even Mortal Kombat X.

Following up on community manager Tyler Lansdown dismissing a gamer for criticizing how ugly the women look in the game, some of the ideologically driven game journalists and some people from Warner Bros., decided to offer their two cents about gamers criticizing the female designs in Mortal Kombat 11.

Warner Bros. Games product manager in charge of handling Mortal Kombat 11, Mike Bell, tried to downplay NetherRealm’s veering away from fan-service for Jade by trying to imply that since she’s a revenant she can’t have sex appeal. He posted the following tweet on February 18th, 2019.

Bell wasn’t the only one who felt the tingle in his taint that taunted him into tweeting out a low-key triggered response about Jade’s more conservative coverage when it comes to combat attire.

There were also a few other hipsters oscillating the circle of the media industry business – or at least, those of whom are still left after the ones who got woke, went broke, and had to learn how to code were put out of a job back in January – who dropped into the discussion to share a little bit of their own wisdom on the matter.

RPGSite’s Alex Donaldson made a post on February 18th, 2019, mocking the idea that people wanted to see the old, sexy Jade return by claiming that people were “furious” that the “corpse isn’t sexy”, completely missing the point that people actually would prefer a sexy version of Jade that wasn’t a corpse.

Gamespot producer Dave Jewitt giddily crawled out from the crevice of the dark video editing room to mock the very people that he produces content for, reveling in the opportunity to shine his teeth with a bright, wide smile filled with pearly white contempt as he typed a very simple and nonplussed “people” as a response.

At the twilight hours of February 18th, 2019, Jeremy Winslow, a contributor to Gamespot and Polygon, couldn’t hold back his verve in getting in a shot at gamers distraught at Jade’s now coyly-clothed countenance. Winslow saw an opportunity to impress the hooked-beaked vultures that circle the carcass of social justice outrage by throwing his two cents of sex-negative criticism at anyone who even dared think about seeing a woman in Mortal Kombat as anything more than a flesh-bag primed and ready for dismemberment and mutilation…


Mortal Kombat’s appeal used to be composed of different elements. There was definitely the gore factor, but for real connoisseurs of interactive entertainment history and true, real gamers, they would know that the original Mortal Kombat didn’t even have the blood enabled by default. You had to put in a code at the main menu to unlock the blood and gory fatalities.

The gore didn’t become a natural staple until Mortal Kombat II. The sex appeal didn’t begin to ramp up until Mortal Kombat III in 1995, when characters like Kitana, Mileena, and Jade got some sexy makeovers as depicted in the video below from Black Jesus.

What’s also ironic is that Winslow brings up Dead or Alive 6 as doing “physics” better, but completely forgoes mentioning that the latest game won’t be featuring the OMG Physics mode and has been “toned down”, as director Yohei Shimbori claimed it was “too exaggerated”, so like most journalists out there, he was wrong… again.

He also made no mention about the male fan-service being present in Mortal Kombat 11, where characters like Geras go around half dressed and fully sculpted like an Egyptian god.

On the sunny afternoon of February 18th, 2019, another Polygon contributor – who ironically is also a former U.S. Marine, which seems like an oxymoron – going by the handle of Mister Megative, decided to take a more degenerative approach to criticizing gamers for not liking Jade’s new necro-induced state, accusing people of being necrophiliacs for hoping that her original, sexy outfits and skins would return.

Mister Megative’s tweet also managed to draw in a response from PC Gamer’s Andy Chalk like blood to a tampon.

Megative also joked about his own dark desires with Andy in a way that might make most people blink twice.

Insomniac Games’ senior quality assurance tester, Chris Sosnowski, couldn’t help but also hop in to express his disappointment with people liking a little bit of fan-service out of Mortal Kombat, which has been known for its copious amounts of skin being on display for more than 20 years.

Ellen Rose from the U.K., based outlet, Outside Xbox, wasn’t above chiming in, mocking the idea that men still find shapely women attractive by using age-old Futurama memes like some kind of lobotomized refugee from the intellectually paraplegic version of 4chan that has become overrun with dilation-prone spergs from ResetEra who brought privilege checks, pronouns and political correctness to the board.

During the early wee bits of February 18th, 2019 – where the night was so low it was like the sky was wearing the moon around its ankles like a pair of lace panties during a thrusting twilight tryst with dawn – the duo of Sean Davis and Rosso Keniston decided to belittle gamers who argued that Jade’s more layered emerald armor made it look impractical for her to be a nimble, light-on-her-feet ninja, diving back into the discussion of necrophilia, as if it were some kind of recurring theme.

It seemed like there was a consistency of male journalists and indie developers heavily engaged with – or duly fascinated – with necrophilia. However, it wasn’t just developers and game journalists… it appeared as if e-sports commentators couldn’t get sex with the undead off their minds.

During the afternoon of February 18th, 2019, Ryan Neal, a commentator from the U.K., rendition of the ESL, also rode the corpse with the pointed end of his tweet, hoping to catch a few points from peers for being cheeky about playing up Jade’s lack of sex appeal in Mortal Kombat 11 by straw-manning about something that no one actually said.

Neal wasn’t done, however. After disingenuously dismissing the criticism, he decided to follow-up by revealing his true intentions that he wanted the game to simply lose its sex appeal, stating that putting her in a bikini is the “lamest compliment”. As if the bits and bytes of data has feelings or a sense of self-awareness to appeal to the sensibilities of male feminists and people whose greatest achievement in life is waxing poetics about professionals who play video games better than them.

But this kind of mentality – that women showing any kind of skin or embracing her curves while also being dangerous – is verboten in today’s industry. Even suggesting that having the option to play as a woman covered up or in bikini-battle attire was struck down among the Social Justice Journalists who decided that gamers can’t play as females in skimpy attire because… “progressivism”?

Former contributor to the Official Nintendo Magazine, Chris Scullion, shot down the idea that the industry is creatively regressing into a monolithic direction of masculine females, androgynous women, and sex-appeal-free femme fatales.

Others sarcastically challenged Scullion by pointing out how SJWs are ruining gaming, and Scullion fired back negatively with the sort of recoil and vehemence of a San Francisco Liberal being told to go help out at the food bank instead of tweeting about how hungry African kids are, all while completely ignoring that Valve has become the “taste police” to censor games on Steam, Sony is enforcing uneven censorship policies on the PS4, and even Google is forcing benign games and apps to censor cleavage.

Scullion didn’t put up much of a rebuttal to any further comments before retreating, though. He opted to spend his time elsewhere, likely trying to figure out how to avoid being culturally enriched in the wrong ways (and the wrong holes) as Scotland attempts to accommodate thousands of displaced citizens from the European Union, as reported by the BBC.

Other journalists, such as Andrew Gonzalez, the co-editor-in-chief from Xbox Enthusiast, just came out and admitted that he prefers the new change in artistic direction in gaming where popular fighting games are toning down the sex appeal in order to court a phantom audience that doesn’t exist for a toned down, politically correct fighting game. This steps away from the necrophilia

Unfortunately, Gonzalez deleted his tweet when real gamers started peppering him with questions and retorts that damaged his fragile sensibilities… but luckily there’s still an archive of the tweet from the early evening of February 18th, 2019.

The good part for Gonzalez is that the drop in I.Q., wasn’t much, and with a little work and effort he might be able get it back up to highway driving speeds in no time flat.

Surprisingly, amid all the other comments about sterilizing gamers from “queer socialists”, and people threatening to hunt down and beat up people who enjoy fan-service in video games…

…there was actually a sensible comment from the quality assurance assistant at Hi-Rez Studios working on Smite. Streamer and caster, Romanova, noted that while she thought that Jade was still “hot” as a revenant zombie, she also noted that she felt that Jade was also still hot in her normal human mode.

The conversation about player choice and female attire basically managed to get side-tracked into a ridicule session for anyone who even dared say that they liked Jade’s old outfits from Mortal Kombat: Deception or Mortal Kombat: Armageddon or Mortal Kombat 9.

Mortal Kombat Deception - Jade

Even bringing up the concept of having an option to play as a character who has been a sex symbol in gaming for two decades was met with hostility and dismissal from the gaming industry. The same thing happened before when some gamers criticized Skarlet going from another femme fatale to a fully covered, Arabian warrior.

When gamers brought up the reduction in Skarlet’s sex appeal, they were also dismissed and called everything under the sun in order to diminish the very idea that a character can have any sort of sex appeal that isn’t 100% approved by censorious, Left-wing, “Progressives”.

Mortal Kombat 11 - Scarlet vs Scarlet

What’s more is that the conversation and the content is being dictated mostly by so-called male journalists in the gaming industry, controlling how women should look in video games and maintaining the creative regression that we’ve seen take hold over the years where characters have turned into polygonal blobs that are less distinguished, memorable, or notable compared to any of their Japanese counterparts or games released from over a decade ago.

Heck, even when Japanese developers attempt to keep fan-service alive in their games, bloggers and activists are quick to slut-shame the virtual women in hopes of keeping the content as mundane and unappealing as possible.

In this particular topic anyone voicing opposition to the gatekeepers of character content was met with denigration about “necrophilia” or being told to go to PornHub instead to watch porn, completely bypassing the idea that a woman can be sexy and eye-catching without being reduced to a sexual object.

And then there is this gem from Golf Magazine’s AJ Marquis.

Hilariously enough, Social Justice Warriors are condemning people for enjoying fan-service in video games. Their solution? Go objectify women on PornHub. It speaks volumes about what they actually think of women; that there is no in between on the spectrum of a fully armored undead warrior and a schlong sleeve.

Essentially, in the eyes of Social Justice Warriors, Liberals, and game journalists, you can’t appreciate the varying degrees of sex appeal that comes with the female form unless you’re “respecting” her because she’s covered from head to toe in an armored burka, or because she’s being pounded into screaming mound of flesh-puddy on a porn site.

As always, we get to see who the real misogynists are in the gaming industry… and it certainly isn’t gamers.

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