Weekly Recap Feb 16th: EVO Punishes DOA 6 For Disrupting Core Values, Pensacon Threatens Vic Supporters
Weekly Recap

The second full week ending on February 16th brought with it all sorts of crazy drama the likes of which continue to defy the laws of reality. I’m talking about some mordantly polarizing craziness. So where do I even begin? How about the LOL League, which was a Facebook group composed of journalists who spent a decade harassing and terrorizing women, minorities and members of the LGBTQ and then pretended to be “woke” feminists by claiming that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign? Oh, or how about Penscaon 2019 threatening to arrest con-goers who show up in support of anime voice actor Vig Mignogna because they’ve declared him guilty based on spurious accusations?

I think my personal favorite of the week was Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar getting blown out like Ray Rice’s girlfriend in an elevator after gamers dunked on him for trying to virtue signal about how the two female models helping present the crossover between King of Fighters XIV and Dead or Alive 6 didn’t represent the “Core Values” of EVO or the FGC. And that’s just barely scratching the surface of this week’s craziness. These stories and more in this February 16th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Anime Outsiders Account Gets Nuked After SJWs Plead For Brutality From Twitter Police

The Anime Outsider Twitter account got raped by the Twitter police and left in the dark corner of the social media equivalent of a Harlem alley. The crime nearly went unnoticed, but it took place because Anime Outsider decided to defend Vic Mignogna, the famous anime voice actor. Polygon has labeled Amazon’s upcoming MMO New World as “problematic” and “racist” because the game is set in an alternate reality of 17th century America. And speaking of “problematic”, Klei Entertainment removed a playable character from Don’t Starve: Hamlet because they claimed he was “culturally problematic”. Anime News Network doubled down in claiming that Lost Pause and Clownfish TV are Nazis.


Mattel Decided To Keep Barbie As A Thot Instead of A Feminist Tatter

Mattel realized that Barbie as a hottie thotty makes a heck of a lot more money than turning her into a feminist lard. So they abandoned – and continue to refuse – to label Barbie as a “feminist” because by doing so they’ve actually seen a profit increase in Barbie’s brand. Also, Chase has begun de-platforming people for their ideological stances, including the African-Cuban half-breed who runs the Proud Boys. And various Social Justice Warriors have become incensed that some Splatoon 2 plushies aren’t as dark as they would like and have claimed that it’s whitewashing. Sony’s Shawn Layden explains exactly why Sony decided to pull out of this year’s E3 event saying that they had nothing new to show.


Journalists Outed For Maintaining Ongoing Harassment Campaign Against Women For 10 Years

Prominent journalists within the media industry were outed as part of a secret group known as the LOL League. More than 30 prominent journalists would get together and harass women, feminists, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ community. Many of these journalists had some kind of anti-#GamerGate sentiment or helped push the false narrative that #GamerGate was about harassment. However, after being outed these journalists were fired and some may face jail time and fines. Funimation has cut all ties with Vic Mignogna and will not be casting him in any future roles. And Russ Pitts has stepped down as the editor-in-chief from The Escapist after being fulminated by SJWs for publishing an article discussing ethics in journalism while also being embroiled in a defamation lawsuit. Sony has stated that all devs had to do was ask for cross-play, but other developers came out and said that that was a lie. And Warhorse Studios was acquired by THQ Nordic, so now THQ owns Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


Pensacon Does A Major Oopsie After Threatening To Arrest Vic Mignogna Supporters

So the Pensacon Twitter account, which represents the Pensacola, Florida geek convention, decided to threaten Vig Mignogna supporters by claiming that if they showed up specifically to support Mignogna, they would have them arrested. The news went viral and after receiving the blowback of the internet, Penscon deleted their Twitter account. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is tracking higher in pre-orders over on the Japanese gaming outlet COMG!, than Dead or Alive 6, proving that gamers definitely prefer fan-service over non-fan service in their Dead or Alive games. SJWs have managed to sink their tentacles into Final Fantasy XIV, this time completely overhauling the community guidelines to force players into ridiculous politically correct behavior, or else face a penalty. And speaking of politically correct… dubstep artist Deadmau5 opted not to boy down to Twitch after being banned for calling someone a “faggot”. Instead, he tossed up the middle-fingers and said he was done with their double-standard bullcrap. Also, Nexon decided to culturally localize Axe: Alliance x Empire for the West by changing and removing certain characters and costumes in order to appeal to Westerners… again.


EVO Shuts Down Dead or Alive 6 Livestream Because Real Life Models Were Too Sexy

Some real life models appeared on the EVO Japan livestream and they were jiggling their butts and wobbling their tits and being playful, and the owner of EVO, Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar, had the stream shut down and then he went and groveled on Twitter, apologizing to the Social Justice Warriors. It was an embarrassing display all the way around. Speaking of embarrassing, BioWare still has plans to revive Mass Effect over the next couple of years, but that’s only assuming they survive the failure that is Anthem. After being inundated with criticisms for allowing furry cub porn but denying lolicon art, Discord finally put a blanket ban down on cub porn, lolicons, and shotacons. Activision explains why they finally decided to bail on their Bungie and Destiny deal, revealing that it just wasn’t making as much money as they wanted. A new Oxford study has taken another crack at the video game violence debate, but this time they conclusively seemed to find an answer indicating that video games truly do not cause kids to become violent. Mortal Kombat 11 is still moving in the SJW direction, this time putting Jade in a burka and covering her up from head to toe like some sort of Muslim wench. They made sure they zapped all the sex appeal out her zombified body.


Catherine: Full Body Gets Dragged Across Social Media By SJWS For Being Queerphobic

I wish I had the talent to make up the sort of outrages that only Social Justice Warriors can conjure up in their own petty little minds, but my imagination has limits to which their offenses can extend. And in this case, SJWs became outraged over an ending in Catherine: Full Body that may not even be the true ending. In more retarded SJW news, The Verge defended their use of the copyright strikes against ReviewTechUSA and BitWit, claiming that their videos criticizing The Verge’s terrible how to build a PC video was “not fair use”. And Senran Kagura‘s PS4 themes were censored… again. This time it was cleavage, navel and thighs getting hit with the mysterious light rays. And the founder of Alterna Comics ended up getting dragged into the #ComicsGate culture war after he was SWATted on a livestream.


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