Weekly Recap Feb 2nd: Tons Of Corrupt Journalists Fired, AT&T Gets Woke, Metro Games Bombed
Weekly Recap

The very first week of February got off to a bang, especially knowing that a bunch of corrupt journalists got fired. More than 1,000 journalists across multiple outlets including Buzzfeed and Huffington Post were put to pasture, thankfully. I’m sure some of them will still lurk around media platforms like zombies hanging around a meat factory, but hopefully with so many of them gone from major media outlets it means we get to see fewer amounts of fake news.

In other news, the Metro: Redux games got review bombed over on Steam due to Metro: Exodus being an Epic Games Store exclusive up until 2020, and a bunch of gamers weren’t happy about that. And AT&T decided to get woke and start a campaign to fight against “toxicity” in gaming. Oh, it’s real folks… it’s real. These stories and more in this February 2nd, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


1,000 Journalists Get Booted Following Years Of Fake News

There’s some sense of justice… finally! More than 1,000 journalists and media staffers have been fired across outlets under Verizon’s wing, including AOL, Yahoo, Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed. 47% of developers who took part in the annual GDC survey have stated that they would want the gaming industry to unionize. And speaking of politics, the U.K. Parliament has requisitioned feedback from gamers on whether or not the gaming industry is helpful or harmful to society. Netflix is working on developing a Resident Evil television series, and gamers are terrified that it might end up being “woke”. And former Blizzard Entertainment developer Mark Kern stepped forward to put Sony on blast for their PS4 censorship policies.


Metro Exodus Is An Epic Games Store Exclusive Until 2020

Steam users just got their rectums ram-rodded with the news that Metro: Exodus will be an Epic Games Store exclusive up until 2020. This means that you either will have to buy the crap-tier version of the game on the Xbox One or PS4, or wait until 2020 to get the definitive version of the game. Jagex managed to permanently ban a player from Runescape because he made a suicide joke on Discord. No really, Jagex now bans people for off-site behavior just like Blizzard and Twitch. After getting wrongly DMCA’d off Steam and GOG.com, Stardock Entertainment’s Star Control: Origins has managed to return to GOG.com. Also, the CVAA requirements were recently outlined, and indie developers are basically more screwed than the flappy roastbeef of a professional 40-year-old bedroom-banger. YouTube updated its community guidelines and are basically using them as a way to completely nuke a bunch of smaller and mid-sized channels. And a new Dragon Ball game is in the works that will follow the Dragon Ball Z arc from Goku’s perspective.


AT&T Gets Woke

Telecommunications company AT&T decided to jump into the fight against “toxicity”… in gaming. They started a hashtag called #GreatGame, which is an anagram for #GamerGate. Ubisoft apologized for making a quip about the government shutdown in relation to The Division 2, but most gamers feel it’s just a ploy to get gamers talking about the game. Capcom removed the Denuvo DRM from Resident Evil 7. MoeNovel’s If My Heart Had Wings -Flight Diary- was delayed from being released on Steam due to interference from Valve, as more games continue to get flagged during the Waifu Holocaust 2.0. And Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet will launch on the Nintendo Switch with English language support via Play-Asia starting March 20th.


Fairy Tale Voice Actor Charges Head On Into Sexual Assault Allegations

One of the voice actors for Fairy Tale and Soul Eater decided to come out ahead of his accuser’s allegations and face the sexual assault claims head-on, doing so with facts and a sound head. This caused a lot of drama within the anime community, but also outed a certain cosplayer as an attention-seeker. Discord’s staff decided to defend furry cub porn but stood by their ban of loli/shota porn. The reason for this is that it was discovered that some of Discord’s staff are furries. Racist New York Times writer Sarah Jeong will be giving a speech at Yale about #GamerGate. And speaking of #GamerGate, some of the fired journalists decided to take aim at the pro-consumer movement about ethics in journalism in order to place blame on the hashtag for journalists being mocked online to “learn to code”. Jesus Strikes Back‘s alpha date has been pushed back after the distributor bailed on them. And speaking of journalists being fired… Vice let go 250 employees from its operations, but sadly no one from Waypoint was hit.


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