Weekly Recap Feb 9th: The Escapist Gets Dogpiled By SJWs, Naruto Voice Actor #MeToo’d
Weekly Recap

This week was more Social Justice Warriors running rampant in the industry, more ridiculousness regarding Epic Games Store, and a whole lot of drama spilling out of the anime voice acting community like a day time soap opera that was written by Chris Chan while he was trapped in a furry’s Sonic-themed sex dungeon.

Deep Silver continued to dig itself into a hole over the Epic Games Store exclusivity of Metro: Exodus, while The Escapist was dog-piled by Social Justice Warriors over the course of the week, which resulted in the outlet having to delete two articles because it upset the Intersectional Inquisition. These stories and more in this February 9th, 2019 edition of the Weekly Recap.


Deep Silver Tries To Clarify Metro Exodus Comments

Deep Silver and Koch Media attempted to clarify the comments made by the 4A Games developer about the next Metro game not launching on PC if gamers don’t buy Metro: Exodus on PC. Bethesda is back in the spotlight, this time courting controversy over Fallout 76 players being banned for crafting a lot of items. Bethesda, however, denies that this is the case and states that those players were just duping. Machinima has shut down, with more than 81 people being laid off from the media network. The FBI has been investigating Discord due to child grooming gangs and illegal goods being sold through the chat service. A gay Chinese ARPG called The Gyee will attempt to spread gayness in mainland China this spring. And speaking of China… a Chinese woman who emigrated to America had to postpone the release of her young adult fiction novel because SJWs in America claimed her SJW-themed book was too racist.


SJWs Get Rabid Against The Escapist For Talking About #GamerGate

The Escapist editor-in-chief, Russ Pitts, attempted to talk about ethics in journalism and he got absolutely wrecked by SJWs who hated the fact that he mentioned #GamerGate and ethics. Microsoft Studios is now known as the Xbox Game Studios. Dragon Star Varnir has been censored on the PS4. Funimation decided to fire Vig Mignogna from from an anime after the false allegations of misconduct surfaced. And Electronic Arts has admitted that Battlefield V turned out to be a pretty significant flop, certifying its spot on the Get Woke; Go Broke master list.


Mercedes Carrera Arrested For Child Molestation

While the pornstar was arrested and charged for molesting a kid, the verdict is still out on if the former #GamerGate supporter actually diddled a young child under 10 years of age. However, according to statements provided to XBIZ, Carrera denies the claims and states that they were trumped up charges from the police due to claims made by her ex-husband. SJWs have gone on the attack against The Escapist for attempting to discuss ethics in video game journalism. Electronic Arts is expecting to sell 6 million units of Anthem before the end of March. Hi-Rez Studios decided to fire Thomas Cheung after he was arrested and charged for soliciting sex from a child. And Respawn Entertainment and EA continue to get woke, this time by pronouncing that two of the eight playable characters in Apex Legends are LGBTQ, with the most masculine character in the game being gay.


Naruto Voice Actor Neil Kaplan Gets #MeToo’d

One of the big stories of the week was that while voice actor Neil Kaplan was sharing his encounter with fellow voice actor Vic Mignogna, someone else came out a shared a story about Neil Kaplan. This created all sorts of schadenfreude within the anime fandom, as some people came out to defend Kaplan, others kept piling on against Mignogna, and all the meanwhile every non-weeb from the outside looking in shrugged and went on about their day watching Netflix and chilling. The Escapist decided to delete an article and issue an apology to Social Justice Warriors who harassed them because they interviewed a female employee at Riot Games. Really… that happened. Reddit is escalating the ban on loli content and animes, with the waifu holocaust leaping from Steam to the social media giant, which included shutting down adult subs for New Game!, the anime based on women working on a video game at a video game company. The mega-giant from China, Tencent, is seeking to purchase the largest publisher in South Korea, Nexon, which would be a match made in East-Asia hell. And the Steam 2018 awards are in, and a whole bunch of casual games won, with the exception of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, proving that the normies dominate the marketplace.

Oh, and here’s a bonus video from MagicalTabletopGirls. Definitely like and subscribe and check out the video below before SJWs report the channel and get it sent to the gulag.


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