YouTube Disables All Comments Across Every Chadtronic Video

YouTube has disabled all the comments across every single one of Chadtronic’s videos on YouTube. If you attempt to visit any of his videos, all of the comments have been disabled. This dates all the way back to his very first video.

Kotaku In Action 2 (the off-shoot from the original KIA) caught wind of Chadtronic’s lastest video on the subject, which follows on YouTube’s latest change in their community guidelines, which dictates that if your comment section is “toxic” or contains “inappropriate” content, they can either delete the comments, demonetize your video(s), shut down your comment section, or in a worst-case-scenario terminate your channel.

The video was posted up on February 23rd, 2019 and it came shortly after Chadtronic received an e-mail from YouTube explaining that they would be shutting down his comment section across all of his videos… for now. If you search through his content, this is true, and all of the videos have their comments disabled, as showcased below.

If you’re unable to read the letter in the video, it states…

“We have taken a number of actions in the last few days to better protect the YouTube ecosystem from content, including comments, that endangers minors. In addition to our normal protections, we have disabled comments on tens of millions of videos that include minors and pose a risk to our community due to predatory comments. As we regularly do, we’ve also terminated channels that left inappropriate comments and reported illegal behavior to NCMEC so they can work with the proper authorities. Moving forward, we are also investing more in the tools and systems we have to detect and remove this content in comments, videos, and other areas of YouTube.


“While we work to improve our systems, we’ve temporarily disabled comments on your channel as a precaution. We don’t take this action lightly – we know comments are a key way creators connect with their fans – but we are doing this to protect the entire ecosystem from potential abuse and allow us the time to build better tools to keep you and your community safe. […]


“If you are a parent or have minors in your videos please read our privacy and safety center and consider keeping your comments turned off. If you do re-enable comments, you should hold and carefully review all new comments for approval before they’re posted to your videos.


“In the meantime, if you do see any type of content (videos, comments, etc.) that you think exploits minors, please flag it for review and select “child abuse” in the reporting tool. No form of content that endangers minors is acceptable to us.”

Now if this confusing to you and doesn’t make a lot of sense relating to minors and Chadtronic, it’s because his channel attracted a lot of kids to his content. And recently, YouTube was put under the microscope again when YouTuber MattsWhatItIs did a video that put a certain section of YouTube in the spotlight that went viral, which in turn resulted in lots of advertisers pulling out.

The entire drama was decently covered by YouTuber ReviewTechUSA.

On the upside, Chadtronic notes that it doesn’t appear as if the comments being disabled will be permanent, and he also has the ability to re-enable the comments manually on his videos but have decided that he doesn’t want to risk his channel being shut down so he’s leaving them disabled for now.

As noted in the video by Chadtronic, YouTube is mostly targeting channels aimed at children for now. So it’s unlikely anti-SJW or sociopolitical channels will have their comments disabled… for the time being.

YouTube has yet to give a time frame on when these new tools will become available to deal with the comment moderation, but as noted in the letter they are working on it.

A good alternative for those of you looking to create and share content without worrying about censorship looming over your head is to check out BitChute, which is another video upload site without all of YouTube’s censorship quirks.

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