YouTube Reportedly Looking Into Addressing Mass Dislikes
Tom Leung

The technical heads at YouTube are reportedly looking into addressing the mass-dislikes for videos that average people hate.

The topic is covered during the first four minutes of the nine minute video. The YouTube channel Creator Insider discussed the potential of YouTube’s higher ups addressing what they labeled as “dislike mobs”.

Now the Creator Insider isn’t YouTube’s official channel of communication, but it is operated by YouTube’s director of product management, Tom Leung. So it’s basically an unofficial way of getting insight into the official going-ons at the media platform.

Nevertheless, in the video, Tom Leung explained…

”Dislike mobs… so this is a group of people who will go to a video, not even watch the video, and just purposefully hit the thumbs down. So we already have a number of ways that we try to mitigate that issue. But there are other things that we could do.


“So what I’ll do is share some of the ideas that have been lightly discussed. It’s also very possible that we say ‘You know what? None of these solutions are great, so let’s just sort of stick to the current approach, which is already addressing some of these issues.’


“Okay, so one option is just to have [like/dislike count] off by default. So viewers can still like or dislike but we won’t show the count. It’s an interesting one because you could say ‘Well, if we show the ratings and a lot of people like the video’, then that’s a signal to viewers that this is a really cool video, and in some ways [by] not showing it may be what the creators want.


“Another [solution] is requiring more granularity. When someone downvotes – so maybe we would say if you give a downvote maybe you fill out [or] click a checkbox. That would actually give the creator more information. […]


“That could give the creator more info and it would also encourage viewers who are saying dislike to not just do it impulsively but really think about it. On the other hand, that’s complicated to build, complicated to collect [the data], then we have to display the results to the creator in the YouTube Analytics or somewhere in Creators Studio. […]


“Another option is just to remove dislikes entirely from YouTube. That’s a very extreme option. That one is not super democratic (in my opinion), because not all dislikes are dislike mobs, they’re just, you know, people expressing their opinion about a video.


“Another subtle one is removing the dislike count. I don’t know, if you suppress the dislike count but you show the like count, that one seems… I work on the org that advocates for creators, but that one seems like tilting the scales a little bit.”

As noted in the piece by The Verge, commenters suggested that YouTube make it where before people can like or dislike a video, they have to watch at least 25% or up to 50% of the video before making the decision.

Implementing that kind of gatekeeping would mean that there would have to be a percentage counter for the time of the video, and that when the user time on the page exceeds the 25% mark, then the like/dislike counter is no longer grayed out. However, that would seem like holding content hostage from being liked or disliked.

This comes after YouTube has been getting hit with increasing amounts of dislikes for their corporate-themed videos, including the YouTube 2018 Rewind video, which became the most disliked video in YouTube history, while PewDiePie’s 2018 Rewind was very well received.

The company seems to be in a situation where they are probably trying to dampen the corporate blowback that many big companies and movie studios have been suffering as normies begin to push back against the corporatocracy that has undermined a lot of entertainment mediums lately.

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