YouTube Restricts American Krogan’s Battlefield V, Jordan Peterson Videos
American Krogan

YouTuber American Krogan has been making waves in the content creation sector recently after exposing the Left-wing propaganda and historical revisionism featured in popular AAA games like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and Battlefield V. This kind of content has led to Krogan becoming a target for certain ideologically driven individuals, including the content curators at YouTube, who have begun restricting American Krogan’s content.

If you head to American Krogan’s YouTube channel his latest video is titled “Jordan Peterson and the JQ”. It was posted up on February 17th, 2019. However, you have to acknowledge a content warning dialogue box before watching the video, and comments, sharing, and Krogan’s YouTube channel link are all disabled, as pictured below.

Essentially, what this does is that it means that you won’t be able to share the video organically through YouTube and it won’t be recommended. This is put into the section of YouTube where they classify content as “extremist” without it actually violating any of YouTube’s content restriction guidelines. Various videos related to race realism, history, Nazism, and religion are flagged with the Limited State restriction, which YouTube implemented back in August of 2017.

You can still view the video about Jordan Peterson but accessing it and monitoring its metrics are basically all off limits.

This kind of soft-censorship is YouTube’s way of deterring people away from producing content about topical matter they deem “inappropriate” or “offensive”.

It wasn’t just the Jordan Peterson video that got flagged, though.

Another video that American Krogan did in order to expose DICE and Electronic Arts’ historical revisionism in Battlefield V — a video that finally helped Angry Joe see the light that the game was poorly done Leftist propaganda — was also caught up in the flagging. But instead of putting it in the limited state category, YouTube had it flagged as inappropriate to younger viewers. So now in order to view the video you have to have a YouTube account and sign-in to view it.

The upside is that the video is at least still available for general viewing and you can still find it in some recommended lists. If you missed it, you can view it below.

This is YouTube’s soft-touch of censorship to chide American Krogan away from topics that YouTube has determined to be “offensive” or “inappropriate”. If American Krogan keeps making this kind of content it will eventually affect his entire channel, which will either result in the videos getting permanently removed or his account terminated. This has happened to plenty of other channels covering topics YouTube has deemed “inappropriate”.

However, fans of American Krogan have suggested that he start up a Bitchute channel, which he says he will likely do on February 18th, 2019.

This comes after American Krogan was planning on doing a video on Red Dead Redemption 2 and its Leftist leanings, which he was discussing on his Twitter account back in December.

It remains to be seen if the video will make an appearance on YouTube at this rate, but it’s likely that newer videos might appear both on Bitchute and YouTube, just until YouTube decides to finally pull the plug on Krogan.

Bitchute may not be anywhere near as big as YouTube, and payment processors pulled out of Bitchute to make it difficult for the platform to earn revenue, but the community is still slowly striving toward an alternative platform away from Google’s despotic rule. With the writing on the wall, it appears as if American Krogan is taking the early warning signs and willing to pull out before it’s too late.

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