Agony And Agony: Unrated Sold 160,000 Copies Across PC, PS4, Xbox One
Agony Unrated

The adult-oriented horror game Agony and its uncensored counterpart, Agony: Unrated, has been revealed to have moved over 160,000 copies for home consoles and PC.

Madmind Studios experimental adult horror game was cause for a lot of controversy last year when it first released. After being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and promising a lot of high-impact graphic content — both of a violent and sexual nature —  the game stumbled out onto the market with fizzling appeal due to all the censorship it incurred to secure an ‘M’ rating and launch on the PS4 and Xbox One. Suffice it to say, it left a foul taste in the mouths of backers, and those who were expecting a truly adult-oriented experience.

Fast forward a couple of months and we find out that publisher Playway had legally binded Madmind from releasing the uncensored version of the game, but one of the developers re-released Agony as Agony: Unrated on Steam with all of the cut content and then some. The Adults Only version garnered a lot more positive feedback thanks to the team fixing some glaring bugs and improving the overall design. However, even with the fixes, and with the patches, and with the unrated version out in the wild, Madmind recently reported that the game has only moved 160,000 copies across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

According to a press release by the Madmind Studios team, they revealed that the game really became a big success after Agony: Unrated was released, which featured all of the cut content promised during the Kickstarter campaign.

The developers explained…

“The sales of Agony and Agony Unrated exceeded the total of 160,000 copies sold. The sale of the PC version exceeded 100,000 copies, while the console version sold about 60,000 copies, but the sales data from consoles usually have a considerable delay, so the actual number of Agony copies sold on consoles is higher.”

So it’s pretty obvious that the unrated version of the game was likely the more sought after version. This also speaks volumes to the fact that if gamers are promised an adult-oriented experience, they prefer to put their money where the promises are and not a watered down experience that tries to appeal to a “broader” audience.

I think this is also a good lesson for developers out there to take into account that if you promise the community something, deliver what was promised. Now we know in Madmind’s case there was a little more to it than just not delivering the promised vision of the game that they had pitched during the Kickstarter, but the gist of the notion is that always attempt to follow through. As recounted above, Madmind managed to garner more sales and more positive ratings when they finally put the unrated version out there because that’s what gamers expected.

Beyond the sales numbers, Madmind Studios also released a changelog for the most recent patch for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Agony that make a number of improvements to the game. You can see the list of changes below.

● The world map and mini-map
● Succubus Mode and Agony Mode available from the beginning
● Additional setting (The Forest) and boss fights for the Agony Mode
● Additional, eight ending of the game
● Additional scenes and dialogues
● Additional in-game tutorials
● Numerous AI fixes
● Numerous collision detection fixes
● Numerous technical fixes
● Volumetric lighting
● Improved texture quality
● Improved models
● Improved look and functionality of the main menu
● New Hard mode
● New and enhanced character development system
● New puzzles
● New environmental hazard – traps
● New and modified paths for the player to choose from
● New types of static enemies
● New combat option that allows setting enemies on fire
● New track added to the game soundtrack

Many of these changes were brought over from Agony: Unrated on PC. However, as pointed out in the press release, the unrated version of the game will not be made available digitally on PS4 or Xbox One due to the fact that the game was initially released as an ‘M’ rated title and they can’t retroactively turn it into an ‘AO’ rated game.

If you want the full, uncensored experience that Madmind had in mind for gamers, you can pick up a digital copy of Agony: Unrated from the Steam store.


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