Arby’s Embraces Weeb Culture With A Waifu Art Hashtag
Arby Waifu

While the rest of the world goes insane trying to kill each other with drones, defend grooming gangs that capture and rape their kids [via National Review], constantly blame #Gamergate because their feminist propaganda looks like a turd [aka Captain Marvel], and a bunch of dirty dog centrists defend the encroaching usurpation of puritan designs in M-rated games [ala Mortal Kombat], the fast food chain Arby’s decided to embrace the light and usher in their era of the waifu.

Not only is Arby’s promoting waifus, but they’re also promoting loli waifus, a forbidden visual fruit that places like Reddit, Twitter, and despise. But regardless of the dangers, Arby’s opened up the flower of their heart, and laid bare the fruits of their intent on March 8th, 2019.

While the waifu holocaust is raging on right now over on Steam and the PS4, Arby’s is picking up the mantle of gumption and leading the charge for otakus and weebs the world around, by embracing the purity of the waifu.

The company’s social media profile praises various artists offering their take on the Arby’s girl as a waifu under the hashtag #ArbysWaifu.

Of course, the Arby’s waifu challenge was met with opposition from the usual suspects. The prefects of picture puritanism were quick to lob insults at Arby’s and start up with the whole loli equals pedophilia jargon that has become oh-so-commonplace in recent times.

Arby’s was catching flak left and right from the anti-loli gang, the same kind of people from the lolitary that have been getting Reddit users thrown in the digital gulag for their appreciation of lolis and shotas.

However, unlike the victims of the lolicaust, Arby’s had an answer to all of the naysayers and negative Neds that were filling up their Twitter feed with condemnation of the waifu.

That’s right… Arby’s chibi waifu is actually 54 years old… she’s just small and cute.

So far Arby’s has maintained their stronghold on social media and the challenge seems to be going well. How long the company will hold out until corrupt game journalists or activist bloggers catch wind of it and force them to censor their waifu or remove the post altogether is anyone’s guess, but you may as well get in on the good times while the good times roll.

(Thanks for the news tip Animatic80)

(Main image courtesy of Dat_Samich)


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