Avengers: Endgame Second Trailer Portrays The Film As A Grimdark Redemption Tale
Avengers Endgame

Marvel Studios seems to have entrusted the Russo brothers to tell a rather grim redemption tale for the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame. Well, assuming the second trailer for the movie is to be trusted.

It’s a lot longer than I thought it would be, and amazingly it doesn’t give away anything at all, other than that a handful of Avengers have survived Thanos’ snap and are brought back together along with Captain Marvel in order to take the fight to Thanos.

The trailer is somber, downtrodden, and filled with a slow down version of the Avengers theme song playing in the background where we get to hear small soliloquizes from the remaining members of the team talk about where they came from and what they have to do next.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Hawkeye’s family was zapped up in the snap, and now he’s wandering around with his bow and arrow. I’m not exactly sure what he’s doing, though.

Captain America just seems to be hanging out at the headquarters along with Black Widow and War Machine.

The trailer hints at the Avengers teaming up with Captain Marvel and apparently going into space. I imagine they’ll rescue Stark, who is still floating around in space after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

The trailer does a fine job of setting up a lot of the potential plot without giving anything away at all. Coming off the stinker that was Captain Marvel they’re definitely going to need to do a more than adequate job of rebuilding the hype and wiping away all of the feminist-themed marketing that latched onto the Captain Marvel flick like a U.N., official latching his naked body onto an unassuming 17-year-old boy.

You can look for Avengers: Endgame to drop into theaters on April 26th next month. I doubt the actual movie will be anywhere near as grimdark as the trailer, but definitely expect the redemption angle to play out in typical Marvel fashion.


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