Azure Saga, Classic 2.5D RPG Lands On Nintendo Switch March 21st
Azure Saga

The Nintendo Switch seems to be the console of choice when it comes to rekindling the old-school flavors of classic JRPG adventuring and isometric gameplay that bypasses all of the cinematic balderdash that has ruined and otherwise stifled the creative expansion within the AAA RPG sector. A good example of that is Azure Saga: Pathfinder, the JRPG-inspired role-playing game from Indonesian publisher Toge Productions and developer Masshive Media.

The visually popping and brightly colored 2.5D adventure is currently available for pre-order with a 15% off discount for those who commit early (although, the rules around these parts is that pre-orders are a big no-no) ahead of the game’s official launch on March 21st, 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.

Azure Saga - Combat

The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for just $9.99.

The game is about a legendary planet named Azure, which is teeming with life and resources to help save humanity, who is on the brink of extinction. Players join a young scientist named Synch, who is not only tasked with helping humanity but is also on a personal journey to find his missing father.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

The game is a little bit like a combination between Chrono Trigger and Breath of Fire, but with an art-style that mirrors Vanillaware’s games.

The hand-drawn designs look really good, especially for the character dialogue sequences. It’s also nice to see that Masshive Media has no qualms about making their female characters look sexy, which is verboten in Western-made games. The women all have to be ugly, butterface smudges of scratched wood and mud palettes.

My only criticism with Azure Saga is that the animations are kind of off-putting due to being Flash-style, which I’ve never been a fan of. It can detract from the overall presentation quality, but if you don’t mind that during the combat sequences then you’ll likely enjoy the rest of the game.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder will also feature the ability to unite skills, unlock new abilities, solve puzzles, explore the land to uncover secrets, and build out new combat strategies with different teammates. You can pre-purchase the game now or learn more by visiting the Nintendo game page.


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