Black Summer Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Attempt To Get In On The Zombie Outbreak Genre
Black Summer

There are usually two types of zombie media: the post-apocalyptic zombie stories and the zombie outbreak tales. Now in the first case it usually deals with people surviving in a world already devastated by zombies. Those are cheaper to make because you could just go to a place like Detroit, which already looks like it’s been devasted by zombies, and film your low-budget schlock there. The second one, the zombie outbreak tales, is more expensive to film because it requires a high population of people to show how zombie infections spread and propagate in metropolitan or suburban areas. Netflix, is surprisingly going with the second type of storytelling mechanism for their new show Black Summer.

The show’s first trailer was recently published online, giving fans of the horror genre something to potentially salivate over.

You can check out the near two minute long trailer below.

So just to quickly recap what the story is about: Black Summer follows a group of people who each have to deal with their own losses and hardships as a zombie outbreak takes place.

We see how the military responds to the outbreak to contain the problem. We see how people far and away from metropolitan areas have to deal with the zombies, as they attempt to scramble to find safety in scant rural towns. And we see how some people have to arm themselves to fight back against the zombies.

Of course, this is a Netflix show and while the concept seems really cool, the problem is that you can see the Leftist influence right from the start.

Diversity shines bright and clear throughout the trailer. They make sure they have a cast of various hues and shades of melanin as if to hit some invisible quota.

They hint repeatedly at an interracial relationship between the white female lead and a black soldier, which is another typical subversion tactic in quite a few Netflix’s offerings.

And even the white males featured in the trailer may not be all that straight. The bearded fellow in the main image is wearing a hoody with pink strings. So it’s potentially possible that he’s gay.

Netflix - Black Summer

Now we don’t know for sure, but if the only leading white male in the show is gay, then it would mean that there are no straight, white, male leads.

Of course, this is just speculation and we can’t know for sure, but Netflix has a bad habit of falling into very specific patterns of subliminal (and not so subliminal) propaganda when pushing their shows to the forefront of public consciousness.

We’ll see if the show is a proper, well-told story, or just more Left-wing propaganda when it premieres exclusively on Netflix April 11th.


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