British Politician Blames Migrant Knife Crimes On Video Games, Pornography
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British politicians are claiming that they’re dumbfounded at the rapid rise in knife crimes in London, England. They’ve opted to blame video games and pornography while U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May claims that they will be holding a summit on the knife violence that has taken the U.K., hostage.

Parliamentary member of Hackney North, Diane Abbott, told The House magazine that it’s media that have contributed to this rapid rise in violence within London, with The Independent selecting choice quotes from Abbott, who said…

“I’m not one for blaming the media or blaming music and drill videos or whatever, but culturally, there is a sense in which sometimes we are desensitised to violence. I just think some young people, the video games they play, the stuff they see online, it may desensitise them to violence.


“I wouldn’t say that’s the main cause of violent crime, I would say the main causes are really economic and to do with what’s happening in the education system.”

Despite the fact that multiple recent studies – including a comprehensive study from Oxford – have indicated that violent video games don’t increase violent behavior within teens, while other studies have shown that sexual imagery doesn’t lead to sexist attitudes toward women but can actually do the opposite, Abbott insisted that pornography and video games are what’s the cause behind the recent spike in violence taking place in London, saying…

“You’ve got your smartphone, you can see stuff you could have never have seen at that age.


“Normally, you would have had to have gone into a news agency and they would have said, ‘I’m not selling you that, you’re only eight, go away’.


“There is an argument that exposure to hardcore pornography is connected with violence. I wouldn’t say that’s the main thing. That’s a thread and it’s something that’s there.”

It seems fruitless to even harp on the porn aspect of the discussion since the U.K., is implementing the AgeID system in April, so it won’t be possible for those under 18 to access porn after April 1st in the U.K. However, Abbott conveniently and conspicuously ignores one of the biggest factors contributing to the increase in crime within the region: migrants.

Since bringing in more refugees and immigrants since 2011, the U.K., has seen a steady increase in violence across the board. According to the Office for National Statistics report that was released on January 24th, 2019, it was revealed that there has been a 17% increase in robbery offenses compared to 2017, there has been a 3% increase in vehicle offenses, and an 8% increase in recorded knife attacks compared to 2017.

The crimes have been so horrendous that various outlets have been cataloging the crimes and even doing documentaries on them, like the YouTube outlet UNILAD.

It doesn’t end there, though. There has been a 15% increase in the number of admissions to hospitals in England for treating knife wounds, as well as a 14% year-over-year increase in homicides.

This all ties into reports that the crime is associated with the U.K’s increasing facilitation of migrants, which rose to 14.4% in 2017, up from the 9% figure back in 2004. 41% of the inner-London metropolitan areas now consist of foreign-born people, as reported by the Migration Observatory.

These migrants have been linked with steadily increasing crime in the London area, as reported by The Telegraph, who interviewed a police detective back in January of 2016, who told the outlet…

“We have anecdotal evidence that we’re seeing growing numbers of murders involving migrants, particularly eastern European men. Large numbers of men in this group come here to work … and tend to live in house shares where they do a lot of drinking.


“This can lead to fallings out, and violence, particularly at weekends. We need to do more work on this because it’s only just starting to show up in the figures.”

If the 2018 figures for U.K., crime looked grim, keep in mind that they’re increasingly stacking on top of already alarming crime rates that have been skyrocketing over the years. Back in 2015, the crime was already spiking, as noted by The Telegraph, who quote from the Office for National Statistics, where they reported…

“The ONS data also showed a 19 per cent rise in recorded offences of attempted murder. Knife-point rapes jumped 26 per cent to 341, while overall knife crime was up nine per cent, with 14,190 assaults involving a blade.


“Sexual offences recorded by the police continued to show a rise which has been widely attributed to victims’ increased confidence in the criminal justice system. In the latest period there was a 36 per cent year-on-year increase in sex crimes, or an additional 26,606 offences, bringing the total to just under 100,000. “

This isn’t just speculation and baseless correlations from random detectives and police reports. There have been actual studies conducted on this very topic.

According to an in-depth study from Dainis Ignatans and Tim Roebuck from the University of Huddersfield that was published on February 7th, 2018 [backup], they found a connection between certain groups of immigrants and increased violence within the U.K., writing…

“How the different immigrant groups coexist and the impact that has on crime rates, as mentioned above, may be a particular concern with regard to policing practice. In the areas where there are high concentrations of immigrant groups that seem to have some connection to higher crime rates, the approach to policing may benefit from considering the potentially problematic conflict. The work of Alonso-Borrego (2012) indicated that contrasting cultures are more likely to see higher crime rates.”

Essentially, Abbott’s comments attempting to infer a connection between violent video games, pornography, and increased knife attacks in London is both baseless and dangerous for inciting a needless moral panic over entertainment media.

The facts clearly show that video games and pornography have nothing to do with the incremental increases in violent crimes within the U.K., but apparently the members of Parliament would rather procrastinate and shift blame while citizens suffer at the hands of deliberate barbarism.

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