Christian Justice Warriors Cancel Rekka Katakiri Church Performance Due To Ero-Game Contributions
Rekka Katakiri

Japanese singer Rekka Katakiri had plans to do a concert at a church in Tokyo, Japan. The artist has contributed songs to animes, visual novels, and ero games alike. Her extensive career has stretched all the way back to 2001, providing voices for characters in projects like Princess Nightmare and Chaos Code, while singing the theme songs to visual novels like When They Cry: Higurashi and My Wife is the Student Council President. She’s also done music for projects like Koihime Musō, an adult-themed visual novel. It was the latter project that put Katakiri-chan in trouble with Christian Justice Warriors at a local church in Tokyo, Japan. picked up the news from Hachima Kiko, who spotted the news from the Twitter account of Rekka Katakiri.

Katakiri informed her fans that the concert that she had planned to hold at a local church in Tokyo was cancelled. Why? Due to Christian Justice Warriors.

There’s an extremely long Twitter thread on February 27th, 2019 that covers Katakiri’s entire history with this particular event and how it came to be, why it was cancelled, and how she plans to resolve the situation.

The church told Katakiri…

“[Your] work with adult games does not fit with the image of a church facility as a holy place. Not disclosing such work is tantamount to false representation.”

Katakiri goes on to explain that it was partially her fault for not disclosing that she had worked on adult games, but she doesn’t regret the decision to work on the games at all. She made it known that it was her choice to do the work she’s done throughout her career and she’s proud of it, saying…

“To let them know my background and resume, I sent them the link to my website, but recently I’ve been primarily promoting my personal [non-game or anime-related] songs. I regret not being clearer in describing my relationship to the adult game industry,”


“Had the venue known about my work with adult games from the beginning, they likely would have simply refused to host the concert upfront. I deeply apologize for the insufficient coordination on my part, and for the great inconvenience I have caused everyone.


“In both my personal and contracted work as a musician, I put the utmost effort into creating music. I have no regrets, and instead feel nothing but gratefulness to the industry”

You can listen to one of Katakiri’s songs below, courtesy of Monkeyskin, to get an idea of what her music is like.

While the church canceling on Katakiri at the last minute put her at a severe inconvenience, Katakiri managed to find a replacement venue. It’s not as large as the church but it should accommodate all current ticket holders.

If you’re in the area you’ll be able to check out the concert on March 16th, 2019.

Much like NCOSE, it basically shows that it’s not just the standard Social Justice Warriors that artists and creative types have to worry about, Christian Justice Warriors are also a dangerous element that will suppress and censor when given the opportunity.

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