Cuphead Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch April 18th With Xbox Live Support

Cuphead Switch

Nintendo and Microsoft announced that Studio MDHR’s Cuphead will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch starting April 18th, 2019 next month. The game will not only arrive with all of the previously released content, but it will also feature Xbox Live support to boot.

The announcement initially came during a Nintendo Direct for Nindies, the independent games that Nintendo spotlights for its gaming platforms. One of the most popular announcements was for Cuphead, the PC and Xbox One platformer that took the world by storm when it released back in September of 2017.

The trailer below outlines what you can expect from the upcoming Switch version of the game, which starts with a black and white milk commercial.

The trailer doesn’t do a darn thing to explain what new content is available or what they’re doing to make the game different on the Switch compared to the Xbox One.

However, PR front man for Xbox, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, took to Twitter to explain that the Switch version of Cuphead will come packed in with Xbox Live support.

The launch on the Nintendo Switch coincides with a free update set to arrive on PC and Xbox One as well, following the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC expansion pack.

The free update will come with all new art, backend changes, and the ability to play as Mugman in the single-player mode.

You’ll be able to select Mugman from the main menu.

Weirdly, they went back and reanimated all of the game’s cutscenes (not sure why, since they were perfect as they were the first time around) and added additional fight intros for Cuphead and Mugman, along with new effects, background details, and enemy explosions.

According to the post over on the Xbox News Wire, they’ve also refined the game on the coding side to improve the Unity engine’s performance to reduce load times on the Xbox One, shrinking the game’s footprint and optimizing the overall experience.

I’m curious to see how well Cuphead will run on the Nintendo Switch starting April 18th. I am a little worried about them mentioning that they’ve gone back and remade some of the art and animations. Game journalists complained that some of the imagery in the original game was “racist”, and I would hate to find out that Studio MDHR went back and censored their own artwork to appease the vultures of the digital media landscape.

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