Daedalic Entertainment Gets Political, Openly Supports Refugees Migrating Into Europe
Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment, makers of Deponia, Edna & Harvey and the Whispered World, decided to get political recently with a post over on Facebook. During the absolutely controversial times where crimes are skyrocketing in certain parts of Europe that have imported migrants, the game development studio’s open support of refugees did not entirely go down well with some gamers.

The post was made on March 11th, 2019, and it was celebrating a drawing from a little girl that sent the company fanart with the message “Say no to refugeephobia”. This prompted Daedalic to make a post with the hashtag #Refugeeswelcome.

The response from some of their followers got heated, which prompted the German development outfit to respond in the comments defending the post and the migrant crisis currently affecting nations such as Germany, Sweden, and Britain.

After one user claimed that the migrants were disrupting the native cultures of the nations they were migrating to, which was making things worse for everyone, Daedalic responded by saying…

“ Sorry, we do not agree with you on this matter at all. Not all refugees are the same. Not all humans are the same. Some are bad, some are good, some are stuck in a horrable [sic] situation in life and try to find happiness. Not everybody is a criminal, just because they are not from your country. That’s pretty superficial, generalizing a huge group of people is irrational.


“We shared this art since we agree & appreciate the politics on it. Even a younger person is able to see the difference between individuals, then maybe you can, too.”

This prompted others to respond by saying they were unfollowing Daedalic using the hashtag #RefugeesNotWelcome.

Deponia - Fan-Service

Daedalic responded by saying that they didn’t accept prejudice and had nothing against refugees, and felt that overall it’s for the betterment of society, writing…

“That’s totally fine for us. We gladly accept every person in our community, no matter the heritage. We do not accept people who feel hate or prejudices against others for no relatable reason.”

YouTuber Vee, reacted to the comments on the Facebook post with a couple of tweets, pointing out that the current globalization of migration being pushed by mostly European leaders has devastated certain regions.

This is true.

The United Kingdom is currently besieged by skyrocketing sexual assaults, homicides, and incalculably high amounts of knife attacks committed by migrants.

Certain U.K., politicians have opted to blame video games and pornography for the migrant knife crimes, with various politicians looking to aggressive regulate video game development and distribution, while completely ignoring the migrant crisis that has besieged native residents.

And that’s not even getting into issues like the mass-rapes taking place in countries like Sweden and Germany, as reported by the Daily Mail and BBC.

This is similar to when Blizzard Entertainment and Harmonix came out against President Trump’s ban policy while ignoring all of the migrant rape cases taking place in Europe.

Daedalic didn’t address any of these issues, especially the rapid rise in rapes sweeping through Germany. Instead the company hoped that the users who didn’t like their stance would continue to enjoy the games even after encountering the “intense propaganda”, writing…

“Well, sad to say. you’re the only one who saw this as an attack, nobody else has been hostile towards this, besides you. We didn’t force anybody to “support” Merkel, that’s completely your own intepretation [sic] and we’re sorry that you see it that way.


“We still hope you can enjoy your games after this intense propaganda.”

It doesn’t sound as if Daedalic will be diverting from their current views anytime soon.

Whether or not this will affect their games the way politics have affected studios like Ubisoft or Hangar 13 Studios, only time will tell, but they’ve definitely made their politics quite clear, even in the face of some fan protests.

(Thanks for the news tip Vee)


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