Dead Or Alive 6 Cheat Code Lets You Unlock Break Blow Facecams For NiCO, Honoka, Marie Rose
IDead or Alive 6 Break Blows

Team Ninja permanently disabled the Break Blow facecams for Marie Rose, NiCO, and Honoka. The three had their facecams censored after receiving some blow back from the community who weren’t too thrilled with the Break Blow facecams for any of the characters, since most people don’t buy Dead or Alive games for ryona purposes. However, some industrious cheaters worked their way through the Cheat Engine to unlock the hexadecimal code in order to enable Break Blow facecams for NiCO, Honoka, and Marie Rose.

So first of all you’ll need to download the Cheat Engine from the official website.

Load in Dead or Alive 6 and search for the code: 0F B6 40 14 3C 19 77 58.
Replace it with the hex code: 90 90 90 90 3C 19 77 58.

This will unlock the the Break Blow facecams for the characters. It was explained in a quick post by Twitter user Hakase.

If you did it correctly this will enable you to see the Break Blow facecams on the characters NiCO, Marie Rose, and Honoka.

A demonstration of the Cheat Engine hex code in action was posted up by Twitter user gatto tom on March 18th, 2019. You can view some of the images from the Cheat Engine code below.

Yup, you can now see the youngest characters on the roster taking a full load to the face, and winching in response.

As you can see, they do a good job of keeping from getting anything in their eyes.

Dead or Alive 6 Break Blow Facecam NiCO

Gatto Tom also posted up a video on YouTube showcasing the uncensored Break Blows in action against the trio of female pugilists.

Some of you might remember that just ahead of the release of Dead or Alive 6 it was discovered that no matter what you changed in the options for the Break Blows or for the blood effects, Honoka, Marie Rose, and NiCO would not be affected by those changes insofar that the facecam did not zoom in on them at all when they would take it in the face.

Essentially, Team Ninja censored the Break Blow facecams for the three characters.

With the Cheat Engine hex codes, you can uncensor the facecams for the girls, if you’re into that sort of thing. But this only works for the PC version of the game. So if you’re stuck playing on the CensorStation 4 or the Black Box One, you’re fresh out of luck.

(Thanks for the news tip Voice of Fanservice)


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