Dead Or Alive 6 DLC Costumes Won’t Be Sold Individually In The West For PS4, Steam Users
Dead or Alive 6

Koei Tecmo won’t be allowing Western gamers from North America or Europe purchase Dead or Alive 6 DLC costumes individually on the PS4 or on Steam, according to a Koei Tecmo customer support representative. The costumes can be purchased individually in Asia and Japan on the PS4, as well as individually on the Xbox One in North America.

It started when gamers found out that they couldn’t purchase individual costume DLC from the PlayStation Store in the U.S., and Europe, nor could they purchase individual costume DLC from Steam. The Dead or Alive sub-reddit posted images of an exchange with the Koei Tecmo customer support on Twitter.

Looks like KT Japan is the reason why the ability to buy individual outfits is different across platforms and regions. from r/DeadOrAlive

If you’re unable to view the image, the customer support rep responded to the user, saying…

“Unfortunately the Japan-side is controlling everything on those platforms we’ve asked them regarding this but currently waiting for an update from them.”

Gamers began to persistently and fervently pursue more information about this discrepancy. This led the FGC forum, Free Step Dodge, to follow-up with the Koei Tecmo customer support.

They shared an image from Koei’s customer support who verified that the individual costume purchases would not be available in North America or Europe for PS4 owners, or for Steam gamers. Only gamers in Asia will be able to individually purchase costumes for the PS4.

You can view the image below from the exchange, which took place on March 22nd, 2019.

If you’re unable to read the image, it states…

“Unfortunately, we won’t sell DLC individually for DOA6 for the PS4 version in North America and Europe region. We are afraid we are unable to answer about the reasons for the sales plan.

“Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.”

It’s true that if you visit the North American PlayStation Store listing for Dead or Alive 6, the DLC only lists the season pass, the Wedding Costume Set Vol. 1, and Nyotengu. The wrestling costume for Nyotengu and the Technomancer Gear set for NiCO are listed but unavailable for individual purchase and must be acquired in the rather expensive $92.99 season pass DLC.

You might think that those are viable options for DLC, but compared to the Japanese and other Asian region stores you’re getting severely left out in the cold in terms of purchasing options for DLC costumes in Dead or Alive 6.

If you visit the PlayStation Store Japan for the DLC listings of Dead or Alive 6, you’ll see that there currently 16 pieces of individual costume DLC you can purchase separately from the storefront between ¥216 and ¥10,800. It’s a huge difference between the five measly offerings on the North American and European stores.

What’s more is that the Xbox One version of the game in North America does not have the restriction that the Steam version or the PlayStation 4 version has. If you visit the Microsoft Store for Dead or Alive 6 you’ll see that not only do you have the option of downloading the free Core Version of the game and then individually purchasing all of the fighters, you can also scroll to the bottom of the page and purchase individual add-ons for the game as well.

The Microsoft Store also allows you to purchase the season pass for $92.99, or your can purchase each of the DLC outfits within the season pass individually for $1.99 each. This option is not available to North Americans or Europeans who own the PS4 version of the game or the Steam version of the game.

If you visit the Steam store page, you’ll note that while you can get the Core Version of the game for free, or the standard version of the game for $60 with all of the characters included, or the deluxe version of the game for $80, the DLC only lists the individual characters for purchase for the Core Version, Core Version male and female character sets, the Wedding Costume Set Vol. 1, Nyotengu, and the season pass for $92.99. You cannot purchase the individual costumes for the game like you can on the Japanese version of the PlayStation Store or the Western version of the Microsoft Store.

Some gamers have blamed Valve and Sony for their recent censorship policies and game bans for Koei Tecmo wanting to avoid adding the option to the storefronts, while others have put the blame squarely on Koei Tecmo for not giving Western PS4 gamers or Steam users the option to buy the DLC costumes individually.

Either way, the only way to get your hands on additional costumes made available in Dead or Alive 6 in the West will be to either get the Xbox One version or purchase the expensive season pass for the PC or PS4 version.

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