Dead Or Alive 6 First Topless Mod Available For Download
Dead or Alive 6

The first iteration of the nude mod for Dead or Alive 6 is currently available. It’s not the most comprehensive mod for the casuals, nor is it the most expansive mod for those who wanted certain kinds of features out of it, but a topless mod is a topless mod, am I right?

Modder Ausgeek put together a base mod for Dead or Alive 6 that serves multiple purposes, including modifications for 3D Vision. However, it also allows users to make use of the utility to mesh and texture swap for characters in the game.

You can download the DOA6 3DMigoto zip from the Hexlixmod website.

Using the custom mods is pretty simple, and you can simply run the 3DMigoto Loader, but make sure it’s not located in the game directory for Dead or Alive 6. From there you simply need to make sure you download the topless mods for La Mariposa from the forums.

The texture replacement mods come in a variation of topless and one iteration with nipples.

This means that it won’t be long now before the full nude mods are made available, and soon you’ll be playing the game with all of the lovely, HQ models from Dead or Alive 6 in little more than their birthday suits.

It’s now just a matter of time for modders to start working on the mesh swaps and stabilizing the boob and butt meshes so that the jiggles are proper depending on the outfit they choose for the swap.

This could likely help boost the appeal of Dead or Alive 6 on PC, but it’s got a long ways to go because right now Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is the more popular on Steam at the moment… if the Steam Charts are anything to go by.

But now that the nude mods are starting to roll out it could get people to put some eyes on the product again. Modders had a bit of trouble because the boob and butt meshes were separate from the rest of the mesh data and so it required a little bit of work to get the tools made right to strip the girls of unessential fabrics, but it’s there now and the magic is going to start spilling out of the hat like double DDs out of a C-cup bra.

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