Dead Or Alive 6 Story Mode Walkthrough
Dead or Alive 6 Walkthrough

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s highly controversial fighting game, Dead or Alive 6, is finally available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game had an extremely rocky road towards its 1.00 release, but for gamers curious about the content, the fighting, the story mode, and the characters, there’s a basic walkthrough guide available.

YouTuber HA 201 has the full story mode walkthrough from start to finish, which clocks in at just under two hours and 40 minutes. You can check it out below.

Dead or Alive 6 Controls

From the main menu you have access to the Story Mode, the DOA Quest, the standard versus Fight, Training, Online mode, and DOA Central, along with the options.

You can choose to partake in the tutorial to help you learn the basic rock, paper, scissors-style gameplay, or you can choose to just dive in and learn as you go. The controls are pretty basic, with the Triangle button on the Dualshock (or ‘Y’ on the Xbox Controller) performing punches, while the Circle button on the Dualshock (or ‘B’ on the Xbox Controller) performs kicks.

You can modify your punches or your kicks by combining them with the left or right direction pad, or the down button on the direction pad. Different directions and punch/kick combinations perform different moves.

You can also perform throws by pressing ‘X’ on the DualShock (or ‘A’ on the Xbox Controller) when you get close to an opponent. Alternatively you can press Square and Triangle on the DualShock or ‘X’ and ‘Y’ together on the Xbox Controller to perform a grab/throw maneuver.

You can dash by double tapping the directional button in either direction, and you can run by performing a dash and then holding down the direction button to maintain your speed.

Once you’re ready, you can start the Story Mode, which begins with a cinematic sequence showing Raidou in a tube within a lab, and the new character NiCO monitoring Honoka during a tournament fight.

Dead or Alive 6 - Marie Rose


The first prologue mission sees Helena meeting with newcomer Marie Rose, entrusting her with a task. The fight is basically an introductory mission as you’ll play as Marie Rose and fight against Helena.

After unlocking the first story sequence several more cinematics and missions will open up.

As you unlock new cinematics you’ll also unlock branching chapters.

Another prologue mission features Rig taking on Bass at the garage. Since this is a prologue mission, Bass isn’t too difficult to fight. Just focus on maintaining your range with Rig to finish off Bass quickly.

Dead or Alive 6 - Lisa Hamilton

As you unlock more missions you’ll be able to play as Lisa, who will attempt to be recruited by Helena, but she declines wanting to work for Donovan, because she detests him. Since this is a prologue mission, Lisa can very easily defeat Helena.

The next prologue mission features NiCO taking on the first iteration of the Prototype Raidou. Since this is a prologue mission, Raidou isn’t very difficult to defeat at all. You can make quick work of him with some basic combos.

There’s also a brief cinematic introducing the new character Rig.

Dead or Alive 6 - Kasumi

1st Chapter

There aren’t many entries in the first chapter.

Christie, however, will take on NiCO in a fight in order to gain more info about the restoration project. The fight is short and snappy, and you’ll get to play as Christie. Straight combos and a few counters should do NiCO in quick.

Brad Wong and Eliot are featured in the next segment within the chapter. You’ll get to play as Brad Wong, who has some pretty cool moves in his repertoire and some notably devastating counters you can utilize. Since this is taking place in the earlier chapters you can make fairly quick work of Eliot.

For the first time in the Story Mode you’ll gain access to Leifang, who will have to compete against Nyotengu. There isn’t much to the fight and you can take out Nyotengu with a few solid combos.

Zack is then introduced in the gym where he takes on Tina in a sparring match. Literally if you just do a couple of big combos you’ll have Tina against the ropes.

Zack will then attempt to cajole Diego into joining the Dead or Alive Tournament. You’ll get to play as Diego for the first time during the story mode. Zack won’t put up much of a fight, and you can just wail on him with some basic combos to end the fight.

Dead or Alive 6 - Zack and Tina

2nd Chapter

The next major fight sees Hayate going to a garage site to question Rig about M.I.S.T.

You’ll play as Hayate in a single-round fight against Rig. He’ll put up more of a fight than Helena, but if you perform the combos you’ll be able to dispose of him rather quickly.

The next fight is Marie Rose versus Honoka while they’re dodging pterodactyls.

The fight against Honoka is pretty basic – Honoka will use a couple of basic combos and attempt to counter your neutrals. Focus on low attacks and grabs to make quick work of her.

After announcing the new team called The Muscle, Tina challenges Helena from DOATEC to a fight. This is a pretty quick fight where you can make extremely short work of Helena using Tina. Just go for the grabs up close.

Kokoro is then introduced, who gets challenged by NiCO in a fairly one-sided fight. Take down NiCO with the basic neutral combo pressure to end the fight early, and maybe even pick up a perfect.

Honoka and Marie Rose will continue their retarded adventure around town. Honoka will be a nosy, annoying THOT leaning into Eliot’s business, which results in the two throwing down in fisticuffs. Elliot doesn’t put up much of a fight, and just using the basic punch and kick combination will earn you a victory.

Dead or Alive 6 - Treasure Hunters

The same tactic seems to apply for Mila taking on Tina in the gym, where the latter will attempt to rehabilitate her fighting moves in the ring. The CPU won’t put up much resistance if you just use a lot of consistent, basic combos.

In the next segment Eliot and Brad Wong are looking for some mystery liquor inside of an abandoned pirate ship. Eliot will attempt to get Brad to leave the burning ship, which will require the two to fight. Brad is no pushover and will attempt to beat the crap out of Eliot. Use the 3D space to side-step around Brad to avoid his neutral combos and then counter from the side or the back, otherwise you likely won’t be able to fight him head-on and expect to win by standing there and trading blows.

Leifang is in search of the treaure along with Hitomi. The two will find the treasure and then fight over who gets to own the treasure. You’ll play as Leifang during the fight.

Lisa will then have a M.I.S.T., reunion by fighting against NiCO, who seems to have the highest loss record in the Dead or Alive 6 Story Mode. You can start with some basic combos and then attempt to use the counter system to grab any stray attacks from NiCO to finish her off.

The penultimate entry in the second chapter features Ryu slicing through bamboo trees in the forest, when he’s met by Nyotengu and fights the the sexy maiden. Nyotengu doesn’t put up much of a fight, and so long as you aren’t lollygagging around you should be able to make quick work of her.

Diego, after defeating Zack, heads to the gym and gets into a sparring match against Mila. The CPU will actually put up a fight here, using a mixture of low and high melee attacks. A good counter to this is to rely on grab moves or by crowding their space.

Dead or Alive 6 - Mila

3rd Chapter

During the first segment of the third chapter you’ll get to play as Kasumi for the first time. It’s a mirror match against another Kasumi. This fight can be a little difficult because the CPU will actually try to win the fight, so use caution with keeping your distance and don’t be afraid to use the counter once you see clone Kasumi moving into position.

You’ll get to play as Tina taking on Honoka. This is a really easy fight given that Honoka is pretty weak. The best solution for dealing with Honkers is just to keep grabbing her until she dies. She’s retarded anyway so don’t worry about her performing any counters.

The next fight is Ayane versus Honoka, but once again, big ‘ole Honkers is a retard and you can beat her pretty quickly with just a few basic combos and a grab move or two.

Dead or Alive 6 - Helena

4th Chapter

The Dead or Alive Tournament starts in the fourth chapter, with Helena announcing the tournament. The first segment of the fourth chapter is just a short cinematic.

After Rig gets triggered by Christie in another pointlessly short cinematic, you’ll have to play as Hayate and take on the Prototype Raidou. The Prototype hits hard, and it only takes a few hits to die. So use spacing and timing to your advantage.

Dead or Alive 6 - Christie Gun

5th Chapter

The first entry in the fifth chapter sees Honkers and Marie Rose getting waylaid by Ayane. You’ll play as Ayane taking on Marie Rose. This time, however, the CPU will actually try to win. They’ll start the fight with a consistent neutral combo, so either counter or block until Marie Rose is done doing her string combo and then lay into her hard.

After the fight Honkers will get captured by Christie and brought to NiCO, but it’s not enough data so Christie attempts to lure Marie Rose and Ayane to the facility.

Ayane will have to fight against NiCO, while Mentally Retarded goes off to find Honkers.

During the fight against NiCO, you can get a pretty early advantage by pushing NiCO against the barrier and mixing up your lows and highs until you win. So long as you prevent NiCO from zoning you, it’s not hard to beat her. Once NiCO is beaten it’s revealed that Ayane and Honaka are sisters, and that means that Honaka is related to Hayate.

Speaking of Hayate, another cinematic will play, this time with Hayate fighting Rig, again. Rig is still pretty easy to beat, and you just have to keep the pressure on to defeat him.

In the next fight Ryu takes on the Prototype Raidou. Again, Raidou hits hard and can dish out major damage if you’re not careful. The advantage that Ryu has is that he can interrupt Raidou’s attacks before he starts a combo. You can use this to your advantage by starting your combo just outside of the Prototype’s range and then move in to connect the combo and start doing damage.

6th Chapter

During the first cinematic of the sixth chapter we see that Raidou powers up and escapes from the tube.

Dead or Alive 6 - Ayane Calls For Help

Last Chapter

The first mission in the final chapter involves Kasumi taking on NiCO. This fight is set in the lab and you can use the barrier wall to your advantage by keeping the pressure on NiCO and using the wall bounce and your opponent’s recoil to keep starting and stopping combos in order to defeat her.

Kasumi will then have to fight against a possessed Ayane. This is no easy task given that the CPU will actually play Ayane in a rather annoying way. She will keep jumping around back and forth. You’ll need to time your attacks and keep your distance otherwise she can very easily out-maneuver you and out-fight you. One way to

Ayane, Hayate, and Kasumi will eventually rescue Honoka and Marie Rose, and Bayman will take them out of the facility to safety. The three ninjas will then face off against Raidou.

Meanwhile, Helena will arrive at the facility and fight against NiCO.

The fight isn’t very difficult, and you can basically just keep the pressure on NiCO until she’s defeated. For the most part she doesn’t use any special techniques or maneuvers to ruin your mojo. So long as you stay active and keep the pressure on you’ll be able to do take her out quickly.

Dead or Alive 6 - Cyber Raidou

The final battle is against Raidou. This fight can be tricky, because Raidou will rely on turning the screen black and teleporting around the arena and using grab moves on you. The best option is to listen for his voice and then move in the opposite direction wherever he lands. So if you hear him teleport to the right side of the screen, back up to your left and block to avoid getting attacked.

Alternatively, keep the pressure on. If you keep attacking him before he can use the teleport ability, you can disrupt his technique.

However, you cannot spam any of Hayate’s attacks. If you just keep kicking then Raidou will counter your kicks. The best tactic is to go with high-low mix-ups to prevent from being countered so easily.

Once Raidou is defeated Hayate, Ayane, and Kasumi leave. In a post credit scene NiCO and Helena have a conversation about using the restoration tech to further M.I.S.T’s agenda.


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